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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 313 comments

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Nov 28 2004
The only other thing that drives me crazy about KDE and Gnome -- hell even windows -- is that when I download something it takes me a little longer than I like to find the downloaded file that should have been placed on my desktop. It would be awsome if files that were recently downloaded within a given period of time were highlighted. So I would instantly see a highlighted file on my desktop. Or if I open my home directory in konqueror I could easily see the file I just downloaded. - Mar 29 2005
Is there any way that you could do a "Select Hand-Drawn Region"? -- Much like the select option in Gimp. I think this would be a great addition because I am constantly moving my icons into groups so I can select them all. It would be nice if you could just draw a "blob" that defined the exact area to select. Does this option exist? - Mar 20 2005