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by bizzl
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Jul 23 2010
I think you misunderstood what I was getting at in my last post. I was trying to post a bit of information on how to use your widget for anyone reading this.

If it helps you debug, this is the output when I try to export my full list form the config screen (, and this is the config file after I logged out and back in again ( As you can see all I had to do is change the count=1 to count=13. I've had a look at the code and coulldn't see anything obvious, but don't know python so can't be sure. - Nov 17 2009
Well except that it has a load of issues with saving the settings. Logged out and logged back in and I only had one entry. Tried exporting them and it would only export the last one on the list. So did them one at a time and put them together. Looked at the default one that I was going to try and save it to and realised that all that was missing was that the first entry said count=1 so changed that to 13 and got them back. I hope it wont loose them again when I restart. - Nov 17 2009
What a nice little widget! I'd just like to echo the need for a little more documentation on how to use it. (I've found that the regular expressions aren't quite how I'd expect - (.*) doesn't seem to act as a wildcard but that may be something to do with the wildcard setting.)

A couple of things which I have found useful:

Just picks files with any of these extensions - in this case videos

as the target moves the selected file type to trash - Nov 17 2009