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Tristen Lundquist-Conley , United States of America
Oxygen Gtk

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Oct 23 2014
Thank you for your help; I managed to get it compiled and installed. - Jan 29 2012
Thank you, I'll get back to you once I'm done. - Jan 29 2012
I run Ubuntu with KDE running on top of it. Thank you for helping. - Jan 29 2012
It says that I need to install cairo and some dbus module, but I cannot find the dbus module in my repositories and there isn't one cairo package there, but many interlocking packages. I have tried compiling cairo from source, but then I run into even more problems with dependencies. - Jan 29 2012
I'm sure that I'm going to sound ignorant, but what exactly are the dependencies and how do I compile/install it? I have tried multiple times, and I only get as far as the "cmake ../" step. - Jan 28 2012