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Mikael Mikael Prag
Nightfall in Zbilidy

Wallpaper Other by Habroslav 2 comments

this image is perfect for wallpaper, esp. for us guys with lots of icons. it just dont look messy with this one. wonderful image. - Jul 01 2006
Annelund (Degerfors, Sweden)

Wallpaper Other by mikkoloo 6 comments

haha thats really cool to hear! i know the camping, its kinda nice. i have no idea how its going for the soccer team, it was cool when they were in the first division, i live in holland at the moment, thats my familys place back in Sweden. im going back there tomorrow tho ironically enough. might snap some more pictures! - Apr 10 2006

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

I love this feature. I would personally like to see it more integrated. Firefox like this would be neat too. Or any other software you use frequently but want out of the way often. - Oct 23 2005
Teton Storm

Wallpaper Other by jgettys 7 comments

its very nice, but the logo buggs me a bit. - Oct 02 2005
Lake 1

Nature by crossblade 3 comments

i love this one, my new wallpaper and i think it'll stay there for a while. nice one! - Sep 27 2005
Annelund (Degerfors, Sweden)

Wallpaper Other by mikkoloo 6 comments

Its sunset :) - Sep 15 2005
Linux Passion KDM

KDM3 Themes by mandrivian 15 comments

I love this KDM theme. Nice lovely colors and the word "passion" is so much better than some lame "r000xx0rzz". Well done! - Sep 08 2005

Wallpaper Other by kairo 23 comments

to the guy that said "if you live in another country, care about your own"

well, sure.. thing is bush politics affects the entire world. would be wrong not to care if you do care about world peace and the security of us all. and its like not helping a girl that beeing raped, i sure as hell would help her..

i like the wallpaper, its a personal view of something and should not be removed, cause then where is the great freedom of speech? - Nov 15 2004