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milan markovic

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I like your wallpaper, good job! - Apr 24 2007
Communist Victory

GDM Themes by Potemkin 68 comments

i am from serbia, ex-yugoslavia, so i lived in communism (well, luckily not stalinism) part of my life. now we have hard-core privatization, corporations buying cheap property after nato bombing. also being forced to join nato and change laws as wto and world bank "proposes" and i can tell you it is not a nice sitution when people around me feel like the only choice they have is between tribalistic-nationalism and capitalism. i believe there is an alternative and i read this kind of provocation as a reminder to that. after years of antiwar and social activism i identify more and more myself as anti-state communist (anarcho-communist) which is a kind of surprise even to myself because when i was younger i also connected communism only to stalinism and state communism - the communist party. - Nov 11 2006
Communist Victory

GDM Themes by Potemkin 68 comments

i can imagine worst things than not having private property. and i am sure we will live one day in a world without it. this theme is a provocation and i like it. even that is better then believing in stupid things such as "the end of history". - Nov 10 2006

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