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Paul Paul Brown Denver, United States of America

System Sounds by martyncircus 42 comments

Clean, simple, and pleasing to the ear. The most cohesive Linux sound scheme I've encountered thus far. Very nicely done! - Oct 31 2008
KDE open/save dialogs for Mozilla

Various Stuff by djworld 14 comments

If at first it doesn't work, don't give up hope!

Running Firefox on KDE 3.5.2 and SuSE 10.0 for x86_64. Installed the patch as directed; no change. Double checked file permissions, etc. Still no change. Oh well.

I've learned to live with the GTK dialogs (sorta). Over the weekend, I went to download a file and HALLELUJAH! I now have KDE dialogs. Rejoice! Rejoice! (And scratch my head.)

To the author - thank you. Thank You. THANK YOU! No more cumbersome (and ugly) GTK dialogs. Now I have the straightforward simplicity of native KDE dialogs. THANK YOU AGAIN! - Apr 03 2006