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Michał Męciński , Poland
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Developers Apps 11 comments

by mimec
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Nov 12 2013
Thanks :)

For now issues cannot be deleted. It's one of the most important features planned for version 1.0. - May 11 2009
Well, both MyISAM and InnoDB have their advantages and disadvantages. WebIssues is not transactional so far, so I think there would be no great benefit from using InnoDB. And from what I read, MyISAM is faster when you more often SELECT than UPDATE. Besides WebIssues doesn't force MyISAM (or any other particular settings except for UTF-8 charset), it just uses the defaults, so you can change the settings at database level. - May 11 2009
Try using "http://localhost:8080/webissues/" or "http://localhost:8080/webissues/index.php" as the URL. Perhaps your web server doesn't recognize index.php as the default file.

The Open Connection option should be available from both the File menu and the toolbar. It looks like the *.rc files cannot be found. Did you install the application in the $KDEDIR prefix? - Dec 30 2006
WebIssues Client

Developers Apps 10 comments

by mimec
Score 58.0%
Nov 12 2013
This seems to be a general problem not related to WebIssues. Try googling for the error message, you should be able to find a solution. - Feb 18 2009
I will gladly assist you with any help. The WebIssues forums seem like a good place to start (

I'm planning to have a little break from developing WebIssues after the final release, but that sounds like a perfect thing to do in the meantime. - Nov 27 2007
I just installed Qt 4.3.0 (previously I had 4.2.3) and indeed, the original 0.9.0 version crashed after connecting to the server. However the current development version didn't crash, so perhaps you could get the latest sources from the SVN repository and check if that works? - Jul 04 2007
OK, I see. It may be a problem with cmake indeed. Can you email me the generated makefiles? Maybe I'll be able to find a solution / workaround.

The idea of highlighting new issues, comments etc. is very good, I will add it to my roadmap.

I also like the idea of splitting the application. It's actually quite easy as the code is already separated. Of course there are some restrictions in library code like binary compatibility and not using global variables, but this is doable, I will consider it.

Thanks for your comments. I invite you to the WebIssues forums ( - Jun 01 2007
I've chosen CMake because I come from KDE and that's what they recently switched to. If it works for the project the size of KDE, it must work for me :). I'm sure it would work for you as well, perhaps you just have to set some paths etc. What errors did you get with CMake?

About the config file... setting three or four parameters in a text file is not a big inconvenience. When the config reaches 20 options, I promise to write a wizard :). - May 31 2007

Education Apps 22 comments

by mimec
Score 50.0%
Dec 04 2012
Thanks! Just one note: the 0.4.x versions of Fraqtive require Qt 4.3 or newer and no longer depend on KDE. I forgot to update the "Depends on" field in the description :). - May 19 2008
The new official web site of Fraqtive is: - Dec 17 2005
That's a good idea, but it would be quite difficult to implement because the fractal generator works progressively. On the other hand, anti-aliasing could be done in the end, as an additional step. I'll try this and update the program if I get some reasonable results. Thanks for the idea. - Nov 17 2005
Thanks for the interest in this application.

Yes, I'm going to continue development of Fraqtive and also put it into the KDE SVN repository so that more people could contribute. There is a place for comments, bug reports and feature request on my homepage:

Here's a short list of answers:
  • saving/bookmarking - to be done

  • integration with other KDE application - maybe, if someone has a good idea how to do it

  • deep zooming - not sure what do you mean

  • the 4000x4000 limit - will be removed

- Jul 11 2005
I spent a lot of time playing with this program and always found something amazing. Anyway, I think that the question *why* does it look the way it looks, is much more philosophical than mathemathical :). - Jul 04 2005
Thanks. I was thinking about adding some KDE support, maybe in the next version. - Jun 20 2005

Education Apps 2 comments

by mimec
Score 50.0%
Dec 04 2012
Thanks for your comment. I will check and fix this bug.

Handling complex templates in VC 2003 is very buggy, so I'm not surprised it doesn't work. Fraqtive compiles fine using VC 2005. Earlier versions are not supported (now that I know that for sure, I will add this information to the INSTALL file). - Mar 26 2008

Arcade 8 comments

Score 50.0%
Sep 05 2005
It reminded me of a simple game I wrote years ago (using my good old Amiga) and which I've completely forgotten :). I'll check it out as soon as I get back from work, for now I just looked at the sources and I like the idea of scriptable objects. - Aug 17 2005

Graphic Apps 1 comment

by appy
Score 50.0%
Jul 25 2005
The UI is very modest, but the generated images can be really impressive. Good work. Just an idea: there could be options to mutate only the parameters or only the structure. Changing the 'temperature' and 'radiation' is not very comfortable. - Jul 26 2005

Graphic Apps 12 comments

by psn
Score 50.0%
Apr 11 2006
Before exporting the page as a vector image (for example SVG) is implemented, a very useful option would be the ability to change the DPI for exported bitmaps. Images exported with the screen resoultion are useles for printed documents. - Jul 08 2005