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Digital Clock BeClock style

Plasma 5 Clocks 28 comments

Score 77.7%
Dec 21 2019
I'm glad there's finally something like this for Plasma5! My only annoyance is there's no way to disable the ugly text shadow for the hour when it's enabled, otherwise it offers many customization options which is a good thing. - May 29 2020
Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins 7 comments

Score 60.0%
Jul 26 2019
Hi. I think you can install it from the desktop containment settings (eg: where you pick your wallpaper). You should see a button saying "get new plugins"; Look for this there and it should let you install it. - Apr 10 2020
Thank you! That's likely an internal bug with Qt: The plugin itself is very simple and only spawns the builtin QML player with the video / playlist link it expects. - Jan 10 2020
The source code is part of the download. It's written directly in qml, not compiled from a separate source. - Aug 27 2019

Aurorae Themes 26 comments

Score 77.7%
Apr 09 2020
Nice! I like it with borders so I'll keep the original this way, but feel free to submit your fork if you wish. - Dec 13 2019
Might have been a temporary bug caused by the update, such as a cache issue. I shall be on the lookout for this once the Plasma 5.13 update rolls over in my distro.Thanks for the heads up! - Jun 15 2018
Unfortunately, as far as I'm aware, KDE does not let you adjust the opacity of elements. This is a feature I've actually been wanting to propose: Allow adjusting the RGBA of each entry in the color scheme, rather than just the RGB and leaving the alpha fixed. Sadly I don't know if such a major change will ever be brought over. - Sep 08 2017
Note that this theme has its own Plasma counterpart, in case you're interested in using that as well: - Sep 04 2017
Greetings. The transparency of the KWin theme is the same as that of the Plasma panel background (0.5 alpha). Just select the theme for KWin and it will work the same way as that for Plasma. - Aug 23 2017
Unfortunately the titlebar color is not made available to svg elements for Aurorae. Therefore I went with what Oxygen did, and used the background color which was the closest match. - Aug 12 2017
It's a theme for Aurorae, consisting of svg elements. It can't cause a crash by itself. Something else must have broken in KWin or its settings... which is sadly not surprising considering plasma5 is still pretty new. Perhaps try other themes with transparency and / or color scheme support, otherwise I don't know more that can be of help here unfortunately. - Nov 21 2015
Thank you for reporting this. Although I don't think it's something the theme can fix, since it's likely not a bug in the svg elements. Plasma 5 is still in experimental stage and very buggy from many perspectives... last time I checked, even colors wouldn't update properly until restarting the system a few times.

My other machine still runs Plasma 5 however and uses this theme. I never got this problem there either. It might be a corrupt cache perhaps? - Jun 29 2015
Configure Desktop -> Application Appearance -> Colors -> Colors -> Common Colors -> Window Background. - Feb 25 2015

Full Icon Themes 284 comments

Score 89.6%
Jun 02 2020
Thank you very much! - Jun 15 2019
Beautiful icon theme: Very modern and simple looking. I'm using it now on KDE and am very much enjoying the new looks!

I have one small request please: I'm using the IRC client KVirc. There does not seem to be an icon for it. Could you please add one? - May 14 2019
Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 92 comments

Score 84.4%
Sep 08 2017
I can confirm this. Hope the developer is still around to help fix the problem. - Mar 08 2019
Noticing a bug with the latest version of Plasma, which I'm hoping the owner is still around to fix: When plasmashell starts, all temperature sources show 'off'. You always need to right-click and select "Reload Temperature Sources" to get it working. - Mar 08 2019
RSS widget

Plasma 5 Applets 10 comments

Score 65.7%
Apr 25 2018
Strange. It shows up for me, no problems here. Must be some other issue with Plasma: I'd suggest asking on the KDE forums or reporting the issue on the bug tracker. Sorry I can't help more. - Jan 09 2019
Sounds like an issue with the store? If you're talking about the option not showing in the system tray, I've had that too a while ago, IIRC it requires KDE to refresh some cache to see it. - Jan 07 2019
Hi. Thank you and glad that you like! Such a feature is currently not planned: It goes a bit beyond what I know how to do with QML and would take some of effort to implement. You can place multiple widgets on the desktop to achieve this behavior, which makes this less urgent for the time being. - Oct 04 2018

Plasma Themes 13 comments

Score 68.0%
May 24 2019
Hi. Download the archive and unpack the directory inside ~/.local/share/aurorae/themes/ - Aug 20 2018
Hello, and thank you! You must set some special properties on svg elements in order to colorize them, which work for both Kwin and Plasma items. To get the background color of the color scheme for instance: Specify "class ColorScheme-Background" and "style fill:currentColor;fill-opacity:0.5". Note however that Inkscape adds another color property when saving, so you might have to edit the svg in a text editor to make sure nothing else is added to the style field that causes KDE to ignore color settings. - Jul 04 2017
Hi. Are you talking about the KWin / Aurorae theme? If so it looks correct to me... I only changed the button and border size in updates, and the screenshots were also against a black background so transparency wasn't visible. If you're talking about this Plasma theme however, it looks okay except it should be transparent... I have no idea why it's not, I have no problems here. - Sep 30 2016
Hello. Glad you like the scheme!

As for the text color issue, I'm afraid I don't know with certainty. The colors can only be customized for svg elements (panels, borders, etc) as the text is handled separately by Plasma. I only have this issue with the Aurorae component of the theme, since the engine only allows a fixed font color.

At least for me however, Plasma automatically switches between black / white fonts accordingly based on the panel background. Do you get this issue with KDE4 Plasma Desktop, or the Framework 5 Plasmashell? If I can fix this by tweaking the colors of an element, I shall look into it for an update. - Mar 12 2015
Configure Desktop -> Application Appearance -> Colors, Plasma panels use the Window Background color. And thank you, glad you like it! - Feb 25 2015
Simple RSS reader

Plasma 5 Applets 20 comments

by aloos
Score 72.2%
Nov 11 2015
Hi there! I decided to make a modified version of this widget, which I finally published today. As I said I really like the base layout but would have preferred a few changes, such as support for media thumbnails and using colors from the system color scheme. My version adds those capabilities, alongside a few other cleanups and improvements. If you're interested in seeing what I did, you can find my fork over here: - Dec 26 2017
Please ignore my early report: This problem was fixed after restarting the machine. - Jul 18 2016
This widget seems to no longer be working, possibly after the update to Plasma 5.7.0: The widget still appears, and I can see the title of the feed... but entries no longer load any more. - Jul 18 2016
Ignore the first problem, it's not caused by RSS Reader. It's a general Plasma issue which the widget only triggered. - Jan 01 2016
Something I kept forgetting to mention: If you click on an entry in the feed, wait for the link to open in the web browser (in my case Firefox), then quickly scroll to another desktop, plasmashell crashes. If you wait long enough without doing anything however (about 10 seconds), no crash. Can anyone else confirm this bug and take a look at it please?

Also: The opacity for the background color is not persisted. If you open the settings menu, click the color field for Background Color, select an Alpha Channel lower than 255, click OK to save everything, then restart plasmashell, it will be back at 255. - Dec 19 2015
Thanks for your reply! I noticed later that the background color could separately be set to lower alpha, which fixes that problem. Only thing I think would still be nice in this case, is an option to use color scheme colors instead of fixed colors only, for both the background and fonts. You know best if that's possible or worth implementing of course... I just use both light and dark schemes, and prefer widgets adapting automatically to each.

As for the right-click menu: The desktop-options entry matters less... the settings entry is however more important, so you don't have to always unlock widgets and click the wrench icon to access it. I pointed both out because every other plasmoid normally has them, even when custom entries are added to the click menu as well... so it sorta feels like a bug that they're missing here. - Nov 15 2015
Yay for new version! There are however a few things I don't really like about it, in case they can be improved:

- Could the new background color become optional, for those of us who like seeing the text directly on the normal widget background? My hope was that , it would use the normal font color of the KDE color scheme, in order to fix the visibility issue with darker themes.

- I'm glad that the right-click menu has an option to reload the widget at will now. But the "Widget settings..." and "Desktop options" entries are gone! From what I'm seeing, all plasmoids are supposed to have these as well on right-click... entering the menu to customize the widget is a bit harder now due to this. - Nov 14 2015
My last comment was a bit rushed, so here's a more complete opinion after actually using the widget for a few days:

- The biggest problem is the hardcoded text colors! If I use a dark color scheme with white text, Simple RSS does not respect it unlike other plasmoids. This makes the text pretty much unreadable. I suggest that the title and body use the normal view text color, whereas the date and links use the link view text color.

- There is only support for one RSS feed. A list in which you can add and reorder items would be very helpful! A workaround for now is to use multiple plasmoids.

- Ideally there should be a way to update the widget on demand. Either a small button in one of the corners, or a menu item when you right-click. Sometimes you want to refresh it earlier than the set interval.

- Possibly support entry thumbnails, which many RSS feeds have. If so, making the size customizable would also be ideal.

If this was under a less restrictive license than CC-BY-NC (maybe GPL), I'd actually support adding it to plasma5-addons officially. The idea is pretty good, and it's a very useful and needed widget. - Oct 25 2015
+1 for encouragement. The idea is good, but the current widget isn't very useful yet unfortunately. Namely since you can only define a single URL, instead of multiple feeds. It would also be nice if thumbnail icons could be supported. Much is still missing overall. - Oct 23 2015

Aurorae Themes

Score 50.0%
Aug 12 2017
Hi. It uses the background color of the window, like the original Oxygen theme. - Aug 12 2017
Animated Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins 118 comments

Score 72.2%
Oct 06 2009
Video wallpapers are a feature I would like for KDE, so I definitely support this! I see it hasn't been updated in quite a while however, so I doubt it will work with Plasma 5. Does anyone know if the addon is compatible with the latest version of Plasma Desktop? - Mar 26 2016
Twokinds (en)

Plasma Comic Sources 1 comment

Score 63.3%
Mar 30 2012
Doesn't seem to work: Nothing gets loaded, but no error is thrown either. Plasma 5.5.1, although I tested another comic and it works fine. If this isn't abandoned, could someone take a look please? - Jan 02 2016
Uptime Widget

Plasma 5 Monitoring 8 comments

Score 80.0%
Nov 15 2015
Very useful widget, love it! I want to check the uptime of my system frequently, and would always have to open a terminal and type in 'uptime' to do that. This makes things a lot easier, and also has a really neat design. A few things however:

There appears to be an issue with resizing. If the widget has an incorrect shape, the counters will leak out of the background instead of scaling down!

And instead of having an "enable seconds" option, could you make it possible to fully specify up to which counter you want? So that you can have: "days", "days + hours", "days + hours + minutes", "days + hours + minutes + seconds". In some cases the person might only be interested in days and / or hours, so this would be ideal. - Oct 25 2015

Aurorae Themes 12 comments

Score 85.2%
Dec 21 2010
Never mind. I opened up the theme and am looking at the way scheme coloring works. This theme isn't intended to be colorized like Oxygen, although it can be modified to work that way. If anyone else is having issues, see the "Using system colors" section here (it applied to both Aurorae and Plasma themes): - Jan 27 2015
I know this is old so probably pointless to revive. But the theme does not seem to support colorization, in either KDE 4.14.3 or 5.2.0 (Framework 5). I tried changing various colors, including Window Background which is what mainstream Oxygen uses... yet the only thing that changes at most are the buttons.

oxygen-transparent doesn't seem to be supported for Framework 5. So I'm looking for a new KWin theme which supports both colorization and transparency with blur. - Jan 27 2015

Plasma Themes 2 comments

Score 70.0%
Jun 02 2017
I believe I used a custom color scheme when I made the screenshot. It looks better with other colors so try out different ones. - Jul 15 2013
Animated Video Wallpaper

Plasma Wallpaper Plugins
by genjix

Score 72.2%
9   Mar 26 2016
Twokinds (en)

Plasma Comic Sources
by Sword2

Score 63.3%
9   Jan 02 2016
Simple RSS reader

Plasma 5 Applets
by aloos

Score 72.2%
9   Oct 23 2015
Weather Widget

Plasma 5 Weather
by clearmartin

Score 87.8%
9   Oct 23 2015
Uptime Widget

Plasma 5 Monitoring
by clearmartin

Score 80.0%
9   Oct 23 2015
Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring
by clearmartin

Score 84.4%
9   Oct 23 2015