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cleopatra jones , United States of America
PIdgin Tray Status Icon set (Tux)

Full Icon Themes by fbgnomelook 4 comments

How do I download this to my system tray? I am using linuxmint 8. In leymans terms if someone can help. - Mar 26 2010
TextDateTime Screenlet

Conky by momokatte 12 comments

i just added this screenlet and it shows up in the screenlet box but when i go to launch/add, it doesnt show up on my desktop.

- Aug 19 2009
i have installed the digiclock in the folder of cairo clocks and it shows up in the selections of clocks but the only thing that will show up is the date not the acutal time. what should i do? i have also installed it in screenlets same thing happens - Aug 18 2009

GTK2 Themes by nale12 9 comments

do i download this? when i unzipped it was a folder. i am only use to downloading tar.gz files. - Aug 17 2009

GTK2 Themes by nale12 9 comments

how do i download this. When i unzipped the file it was a folder. i only know how to use it if it were a tar.gz file. - Aug 17 2009
Pidgin Icon Improved

Icon Sub-Sets by thevirtuesofxen 1 comment

How do I replace this icon with the pidgin one on the system? - Jul 15 2009