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Julien MITCX , France
Simple Countdown

Plasma 4 Extensions by benjaminum 6 comments

what about :
- an option to display weeks/month/years not only days
- an option to count only working days ? - Apr 06 2010
Dolphin for Kubuntu Edgy

System Software by ElijahBaley 6 comments

please, give me my tabs !
the split view is too limited, only two views ! unlike konqueror's tabs system. - Mar 22 2008

Music Production by rncbc 56 comments

ok, i found it.
maybe the 2 windows when you want to save are unusual, for me - Dec 30 2007

Music Production by rncbc 56 comments

great app !
i would like to save the project but not in a media file, can we ? like the audacity .aup
- Dec 30 2007

System Software by artemisfowl2007 52 comments

this tool is going to look very funny and efficient ! bravo !

i have some ideas :

what about adding a little icon for each entry in the main OS list ? for instance, you search in the name (or in a file?) a %debian% or %kubuntu% and use the right icon/flag ? or simply propose and let the user select the good one...

a checkbox for the 'splash' and 'ro' in the kernel arguments like the quiet checkbox do ?

a tab to launch the grub-install and the update-grub (to have a valid default menu.list file)

a tab that shows a preview of the grub ! with the background and the OS list, animated or not. I think it's easy to do ... and nice to see ;)

[bug] the preview of the splash image doesn't work for me, it's a kubuntucrystal.xpm.gz ...

keep the way ! - Oct 20 2007

Utilities by trueg 227 comments

hummmm, i like your playlist ;) - Jul 26 2007

System Software by artemisfowl2007 52 comments

QGRUBEditor is going to be a very nice program.
maybe you can add these features :
+ a thumbnail of a splashscreen (and a way to install it)
+ a way to chose and configure Grub-2 (and its gfxmenu)
+ a link to auto find all your partitions
+ a way to find all the (hd0,0), because it means nothing to novices

humm...there's a lot of usefull things to be added.

Good work ;) - Jun 28 2007