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M James RD , United States of America
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Skyscene (animated wallpaper)

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May 25 2010
Glad you like it, I added the high resolution version just for you! - May 25 2010
dark-swarm (XSplash)

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Nov 06 2009
Excellent, thanks for posting that! - Dec 02 2009
I'll look into it - I just installed mint 8 on a netbook!

My guess is that mint's xsplash is configured for a different number of animation frames for the throbber, if that is the case is shouldn't be to hard to change - I'll post instructions. - Dec 01 2009
I'm an idiot! I guess I shouldn't have spoken before I actually tested this out (I have autologin enabled).

Ok, so the final word on this is that the xsplash background is in fact the same as the login background. In other words, if you install this xsplash theme the background of the login screen will be black. - Nov 12 2009
Thanks a ton! License info updated. - Nov 10 2009
Oops, I misread your comment! To further clarify, the xsplash screen and any modifications to it are completely independent of the login screen. Sorry if I caused further confusion. - Nov 07 2009
Yes this will make the background black, but if you don't want it to, all you have to do is not coby the black backgrounds into the xsplash folder.

On the other hand you could just copy the black backgrounds, but not the swarm animation. Then you would get the ubuntu logo with the "cylon eye" animation and a black bakground. - Nov 07 2009
Thanks for all the positive comments, I added a beginner friendly installation guide. What do you think, is it understandable? - Nov 06 2009
human swarm (XSplash)

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Nov 06 2009
I, was just trying to keep the instructions as simple as possible, I'll add it back in there though - you deserve credit and I love your blog!

Glad you are enjoying the splash screen. - Nov 07 2009
It's all default ubuntu/kubuntu art, so I couldn't stop you If I wanted to! - Nov 07 2009
Yeah, it looks like the latest version of epidermis has a bug - hopefully they get that fixed soon!

Anyway, if you put the files in /usr/share/images/xsplash all you have to do now is restart your computer and enjoy the show! - Nov 07 2009
Thanks for all the accolades, stay tuned for some more content in a couple weeks - I have a few cool ideas for new xsplash themes! - Nov 06 2009
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Jan 24 2010
Ubuntu clean xsplash

XSplash Themes
by Maike05

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Dec 06 2009

Full Icon Themes
by sora

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Nov 15 2009

Full Icon Themes
by perfectska04

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Nov 15 2009
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Nov 07 2009