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michael wilson , United States of America
sea way

Wallpaper Other by feliz 2 comments

great wallpaper, more like these are much needed

ur work greatly appreciated - Oct 15 2006
no|name - Iconset

Icon Sub-Sets by flomar 15 comments

looks great, the blue is too bright i think, something softer, smoother.

great work! - Oct 15 2006
Simple Human folders

Icon Sub-Sets by Xiretal 5 comments

great work, i love the orange color, but could you provide the multicolor version?

thanks for ur great work! - Oct 15 2006
Intrigue Icon Set

Full Icon Themes by timothysaddress 55 comments

not at all, i see the bin icon to be just fine. it looks more like a pouch, and very clean. it's perfect, don't change anything.

rather, you could do a bin (alternative) for those who don't like the original. but don't get rid of it.

great work! - Oct 15 2006