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Jan 06 2007
Sorry, you're right. I released 0.9.4 which should now really fix the problem. - Nov 14 2005
Sorry, you're right. I released 0.9.4 which should now really fix the problem. - Nov 14 2005
The dependency to xmlwrapp doesn't exist anymore. Please use the final relase of 0.9.3 - Nov 11 2005
Why didn't you try a basic prokyon3 installation without the optional stuff first?
The basic requirements are qt3, mysql and taglib. - Feb 14 2005
Most of these tools are optional.
We know that you'll need a lot of different things to get all features of prokyon3. But we're convinced that it's better to integrate existing software and cooperate with their maintainers instead of implementing everthing by ourselves.
Currently 0.9.3 is still beta! Especially the configure script is permanently touched to better fit different distributions. And FC3 seems to be special somehow ;-)
But due to the fact that the number of dependencies for a full featured prokyon3 0.9.3 installation is big, we'll offer a static build of the final version. In addition there're packages for different distributions like debian, mandrake, gentoo, freebsd, ... - Feb 14 2005
Correction: k3b support is available in CVS and will be part of the upcoming 0.9.3 release!

Markus - Jul 30 2004
We know that the dependency might be difficult for some (maybe most) users. To satisfy these users the upcoming version 0.9.3 will alternatively support MySQL embedded which is close to SQLite from my point of view. As a preview for this feature we already provide a staticly build version of prokyon3 0.9.2 using and including the embedded MySQL server. BTW feedback about this version is welcome!

Markus - Jan 25 2004
We think about an generic internal interface to easily interact with several players (not only xmms), which means in fact that you can control them from prokyon3 by adding (plugin) a player specific implementation of the interface.
The same technique might be used to feed several cd burning solutions p.e. prokburn and k3b.
It won't be part of the upcoming release 0.9.3 but of a later version.

Markus - Jan 25 2004

At the moment we're working on some major feature enhancements for the upcomming release 0.9.3. But a better CD burning support will not be part of 0.9.3.
We know that the current CD burning is very rudimental (but functional).
But maybe the internal changes of prokyon3 coming with release 0.9.3 will enable us to improove CD burning support in the future.

... stay tuned! - Jan 21 2004