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Michael Kjaer
Freemeteo Weather Screenlet

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Feb 15 2011
Thanx for the reply.
Will still use it but keep it somewhere else on my desktop. - Feb 20 2010
Still think it's the best weather screenlet available, but is it possible to "flip" it 180 degrees? I keep my screenlets on the right side of the screen like on Windows. And keep FreeMeteo in "mini" view and when I toggle next days forecast it changes position.If I could change it to have "weather now" to the right and next days to the left, that wouldn't be a problem.
Still as I said FAB screenlet. - Feb 20 2010
Okay thanx for the reply. Figured it out now. Took a long time to find my ZIP code on Freemeteo but now I got local weather even down to my part of town. None of the other services provide THAT local weather(not even Danish Meteo).
Tip for others: Find your town on Freemeteo your ZIP code is the long number in the address bar - Jan 29 2010
On my Ubuntu 9.10 the trayicon doesn,t appear. Otherwise FAB screenlet.
Thanx for sharing - Jan 29 2010

GTK2 Themes 12 comments

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Sep 26 2009
Thanks will give the theme a try. I really liked it on Fedora, when I gave that distro a "testrun" on my old pc.(But not the distro LOL) - Sep 26 2009
Firefox can't read the links. It says there's an xml error. - Sep 26 2009