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Plasma 4 Extensions
Various Plasma 5 Improvements

Various Plasma 5 Improvements 88 comments

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Sep 10 2017
Yes, it should work on any X11 desktop. You just have to set up the key bindings correctly. - Sep 10 2017
It's always nice to hear when someone found this program useful, thanks for your comment. :) - Oct 11 2016
Try to run "make" before "make install". - Apr 26 2016
Awesome that it's working well for you! Thanks for leaving a comment. :) - Aug 16 2015
The developers have discussed implementing something similar when Wayland is available, but not in X11.

"The plan for Wayland is to handle this specially in the input module in KWin
and only allow some very few actions and make the modifiers not configurable."

I haven't followed the discussions lately so it's possible that the plans have changed. - Jun 26 2015
Glad to hear that you find ksuperkey useful! - Jun 24 2015
Really? That would be awesome! :D - Jun 24 2015
Sorry, not sure what your issue is. The mappings that ksuperkey uses are defined when you start the program. If you want to change that, you have to tell me how you start ksuperkey. - Jan 26 2015
How do you start ksuperkey? The key assignments are set in the argument you give ksuperkey when you start it. - Jan 25 2015
Wonderful to hear, thanks for dropping a comment! - Oct 29 2014
Thanks for your comment! As far as I know it's actually shipped with Chakra[1], which is really cool!

[1] - Apr 25 2014
It sounds like your application launcher shortcut isn't set to Alt+F1.

First you have to right click on the application launcher, usually the left-most icon in your panel.
The menu should look something like this:

You should then click on "... Settings" (could be "Application Launcher Settings", but could be something else depending on your launcher).

In the settings, set the shortcut to Alt+F1.

Hope that helps! - Feb 10 2014
Glad that you like it! - Dec 19 2013
Thanks for your comment, I'm happy to hear that it works well for you!

Some distros actually package ksuperkey (e.g. Chakra, PCLinuxOS, Netrunner). I plan to update the description with distro-specific instructions once I find some time. - Sep 25 2013
That is indeed the way to achieve what you want. - Sep 25 2013
Thanks for letting me know about the broken link, I've removed it for the time being. I'll update the description with information about how to install on different distros when I upload the 0.4 version.

The issue with a flashing menu was likely caused by running two instances of ksuperkey, so it would send Alt+F1 Alt+F1 and cause the menu to open and close. Will add that to the FAQ. - Aug 29 2013
Yes, I believe you have to add it as a modifier. Run "xmodmap" first to see your current modifiers. Then you want to do something like "xmodmap -e 'add mod1 = Alt_L Meta_L'".

But as mentioned the Fn key is a bit special (as far as I know, it usually works at the hardware level) so I don't know how well it'll work as a modifier. - Jul 29 2013
The states:
"The list of key names is found in the header file `X11/keysymdef.h`
(remove the `XK_` prefix)."

The file is usually found in /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h. I didn't include it on the KDE-apps page since I thought it was too complicated for most users.

You can also try the newest version on Github, which allows you to specify the keycode instead using #. Example:

ksuperkey -e '#151=Alt_L|F1'

With that said, the Fn key is a bit special (I didn't expect it to send a KeyPress event at all) and this solution seems to only work occasionally on my ThinkPad. Hope you have better luck!

I'll release a new version and update this page when I can find some time. - Jul 23 2013
That's a good point. I've added it under "Troubleshooting" on the KDE-apps page. - Jul 23 2013
Cool, thanks for packaging it. - Jul 23 2013
Glad to hear that it works well for you! - Jul 23 2013
Thanks for your kind comment! - May 10 2013
You're welcome, and thanks for the nice comment! - May 01 2013
Already answered on my blog, but putting the answer here as well for people with the same problem:

You probably need to install the build-essential package,

sudo apt-get install build-essential

I've added a comment about it in the install instructions. - Mar 31 2013
Thanks Jos! Someone else suggested turning it into a kded module (I think it was d_ed). My answer is the same as back then - I would welcome anyone to give it a try, but I personally don't have the motivation since I don't use ksuperkey myself.

(Besides, the ksuperkey process takes about 0.001 % RAM on my system, so performance-wise I don't think it'll make a big difference. ;) - Feb 12 2013
Great that you found the problem, and thanks for posting the solution. For future reference, there's the -d option you can use to get more information (ksuperkey -d). xev is also a useful tool. - Jan 11 2013
Glad you like it, thank you for your comment. :) - Nov 27 2012
Wonderful, thank you for spreading the word!

I saw some comments expressing concern that their Super+<something> shortcuts would stop working. The great news is that ksuperkey still allows you to use the Super key with shortcuts. Here's how it works:

- If you press and release Super, ksuperkey will send Alt+F1.
- However, if you hold down Super, it'll still act as a modifier key.

In other words, ksuperkey shouldn't mess with any existing shortcuts. - Oct 10 2012
Added K/Ubuntu DEB package, created by greatperson from the KDE forums:

It adds ksuperkey to autostart automatically. - Oct 10 2012
Added link to AUR for Arch Linux users. - Oct 09 2012
Nice, thanks for adding it to CCR! I've updated the page with a link to your package. - Oct 09 2012
I think this approach is better since it's more general - you can use it for any plasmoid, or, in fact, any action. Also I'm not really interested in putting more work in it since I don't use it myself. - Oct 09 2012
In that case I recommend that you file a bug report for the traditional menu at I believe that you can also mark it as an extra mile bug: - Oct 08 2012
Hm, that sounds strange. Which application launcher do you use - Kickoff, the traditional one, or something else? I don't think there's an option that controls this.

Does pressing Alt+F1 again close the menu? - Oct 08 2012
> Is there any way to make it hide the menu and return focus to where it was before pressing the Super key on a secondary pressing?

What happens if you press Super the second time? For me it hides the menu and returns focus, as expected. I guess it could depend on your KDE Workspace version (I'm running 4.9.2).

ksuperkey itself only binds pressing Super to Alt+F1, how the secondary press is handled is up to the application launcher. :) - Oct 08 2012
Thanks, nice to hear that it's working well! - Oct 08 2012
Redshift Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 99 comments

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Jul 23 2014
Nice update, the activities support is flawless and works really well. Thanks for your work! - Jun 04 2012
There's an Autolaunch checkbox in settings, have you checked it? It works for me. - Jun 04 2012
OK, not a big deal. :) - Feb 13 2012
Moving the config file works as well. I just tried to pass -c an empty file and it seems to work (e.g. redshift -c /dev/null -l 10:10 -v; not sure /dev/null is a smart idea though :), this solution feels "cleaner" to me since it doesn't affect the user's current configuration.

Too bad about the activities, kconfigxt and python thing. I like the script plasmoid because it's easy to install (says me who's only made a very simple binary plasmoid :D); thanks for looking into adding activity support! - Feb 07 2012
Well, as for now the plasmoid fails to work if you have a config file. Maybe you can use the -c argument to make Redshift ignore ~/.config/redshift.config?

Tooltip: the icon should be the same as the plasmoid (i.e. also reflect the current state) and the text could be something like

Click to toggle it off"

if Redshift is active, and "... toggle it on" otherwise.

For activities support, I think a new section in the configuration dialog is a good idea. I imagine it similar to the one for system tray (right click on system tray -> System Tray Settings -> Entries). However, it should list all your activities instead, and makes it possible to use special settings:

No special settings - follow the "global" settings.
Always on - Redshift is always activated when switching to this activity (you can of course toggle it off as usual). When switching back to a "No special settings" activity, Redshift returns to its previous "global" state.
Always off - Same as always on but deactivated instead.

Not sure about the wording, "Always" can be confusing, so maybe it could be something like "Activate" and "Deactivate" instead. - Feb 07 2012
I just tried it out and it seems to work perfect! In particular the process management is very reliable. Thanks for your awesome work!

Some suggestions:

1. Bug: (Same with the F.lux / Redshift plasmoid.) If you have a config file (~/.config/redshift.conf), Redshift will fail to launch (too many arguments). Would be nice if the plasmoid could detect if there's such a file.

2. Suggestion: The tooltip isn't very useful at the moment, maybe you could make the icon and text indicate the status of Redshift.

3. Suggestion: As I suggested on the other Redshift plasmoid's page - activity support! If the plasmoid could disable Redshift for some activities - e.g. Movies, Presentation, Image Manipulation - and resume it when you switch back, it would greatly enhance Redshift. - Feb 06 2012
Flux / Redshift Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions 38 comments

by diegc
Score 82.4%
Aug 23 2011
I just tried redshift for the first time today, nice to see that there's already a plasmoid for it!

Unfortunately, I ran into two issues that prevent me from using it:
1. The defunct problem mentioned on page 1. An idea may be to look how gtk-redshift does it, it seems to work reliably for me.
2. The settings are not saved between Plasma sessions, at least not when the widget is in the system tray. Don't know if it's related to this bug:

Finally, three suggestions:
a) Put some sensible default values in the options.
b) Detect if user has a config file (e.g. ~/.config/redshift.conf).
c) Activity support! This would be a killer feature - e.g. deactivate f.lux/redshift for your Movie and Presentation activity. - Jan 27 2012
Procrastinate No More

Plasma 4 Extensions 20 comments

Score 80.0%
Jun 27 2011
That's very cool, thanks for sharing! When I have time I'll try it out and see if it fits my vision, and if I like it, I'll incorporate it into Procrastinate No More.

One idea I have is to port this simple widget to QML and create a more advanced binary (or QML, if possible) version that has settings etc. However, my time is very limited at the moment, so I'm not sure when I can do that. - Jan 13 2012
Thank you for your comment and for the PKGBUILD! I added the AUR page to the download links. - Jun 22 2011
I'm glad to hear that you find this widget useful for your use case. :)

As I said in the comments above, a more general "visual timer" seems to be something many want. I might give it a try depending on how much time and motivation I can find.

Thank you for your valuable feedback! - Jun 20 2011
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 642 comments

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Nov 10 2011
Craig, I just wanted to thank you for your awesome work on getting the changes merged in master. Icon Tasks isn't for me (I prefer to show the text of the tasks) but I think it would be great to see it included in kdeplasma-addons.

Keep on rocking! - Nov 06 2011
kio recent document

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 15 comments

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Oct 11 2011
Hi, I change the display name to the real url.

Thanks, that makes it easier to differentiate between files.

For recentdocument/s I'm not a native speaker too, but KDE guys use "Recent Document Menu" in theirs API document, so I would just follow them.

Ah, I see. In the GUI it usually has an s, e.g. in Application Launcher Menu Settings ("Recently Used Documents"), that's probably why I think it sounds better. Anyway, it's not a big deal :), keep up the great work! - Oct 11 2011
Works fine here. It's a shame that the Open File dialog doesn't show a tooltip (or have I missed a configuration option somewhere?) - if there are two files with the same name, it's currently not possible to see which one points to the file you want.

Just a small suggestion: how about adding an s at the end, so it becomes recentdocuments:/? I'm not a native English speaker but that sounds more right to me. - Oct 11 2011

Plasma 4 Extensions 185 comments

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Aug 29 2011
I also have problems with two monitors. I use TwinView and it seems like Takeoff sees my two monitors as a single screen, thus half of the widget is not shown.

Suggestion: make it behave as a regular widget (no full screen mode) and implement the full screen mode as a containment ("Layout" in Desktop Settings), see Folder View for example.

Another request is to allow drag and drop to favorites, see e.g. the Search and Launch containment. - Sep 01 2011
Redshift Plasmoid

Plasma 4 Extensions
by simgunz

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9   Feb 06 2012
kio recent document

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
by csslayer

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9   Oct 11 2011
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9   Feb 01 2011
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9   Oct 05 2010
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9   Sep 27 2010