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Jonny Disenfeldt

Karamba & Superkaramba by mogulen 9 comments

It depends on which of the themes in the collection you want to alter.

Example 1.

The instrument meter (that displays one disk) with LCD-bar/histogram called dmdski that uses dmdski.theme and files.

Make a copy of these 2 files (one set for each disk you want) and name them for example dmdskia.theme/ , dmdskib.theme/ ...

Edit the dmdskiX.theme (X is a, b etc)file and change :

a1. mountpoint="/" (2 places) to whatever you need such as "hda3" etc ...

Edit the file and change :

b1. t1v = "hda2" to "hda3", "hda4" ...
b2. f = os.popen(.../hda2) to os.popen(.../hda3) etc

a1.) above fixes the histogram/bar part in the LCD.
b1/b2.) above fixes the abalogue instrument

Example 2.

If you want to alter the information display (dmmemdsk theme) then alter the file dmmemdsk.theme.

If you don't have any Samba mounted drives you can change these 3 "slots" to instead show more local disks (only 3 is default but you can then alter it to 6)

Just check the lines and replace the Samba mounted lines with copies of the local filesystem lines and alter the line=1, 2 and 3 to line=4, 5, 6 ...

Put them in the "Samba" Group so you keep the positioning in X/Y on the display.

Finally create a new "all.theme" file that contains references to all the new meters you want to show so it is easier to startup (just by clicking all.theme).
- Nov 01 2004