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Dan Allen
eclipse simple icon

Icon Sub-Sets by redaea 1 comment

Download this icon before you judge it. It is done in SVG and the translation to the preview on this site was not done well. While it may look very dark and crappy here, I assure you when I downloaded it I was VERY impressed.

Good work! - Oct 27 2005
Animated Logo in kdm

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Skarsnik 26 comments

Sometimes we get so used to the way things are that we cannot possibly imagine having it any other way. It takes a true thinker to ask "why not?" Great idea! Let's watch as M$ catches up. - Aug 25 2004
kde win9x full

KDE 3.5 Themes by speleoalex 23 comments

Boy the fonts on Windows suck! Look at those crappy fonts. Linux looks so much more soothing and clear! - May 20 2004
KIO slave for iRiver iFP MP3 players

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by Fauli 9 comments

This program deserves a 95% at least! I was just about to start writing a kio-slave (even though I have no experience in KDE programming) for my wife's iRiver so that she didn't have to use mc, but this totally saved the day!

I do have one question though, and it is probably the obvious answer I fear. Downloading of mp3s is disabled by the device? If so, does using the UMS firmware get around this problem? - Apr 12 2004

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mojavelinux 5 comments

It appears the the --profiles flag is only in KDE 3.2 and therefore I cannot use it or test for it since I don't yet have KDE 3.2. I am actually going to update the script to use the system profiles and not to fail if the user profiles directory does not exist.

Please send me your version of the konqlaunch using the profiles and I will check for KDE version and merge it in there.

I also cleaned up the code some in the new version, fixed some bugs regarding passing of directory. - Feb 28 2004
UI redesign for konqueror settings

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by natas12 28 comments

After your suggestion, I had a closer look at the konquer settings window. I agree that your "splash" screen like configuration is probably a good idea for a distro like Xandros or Lindows, but will probably not be adopted by the core KDE team. However, there are two suggestions I can take away from this that do apply for the main KDE branch.

Currently, both the category for file manager and browser are labeled as "Behavior" with an icon for the respective category. I believe that this is not very clear and should be changed to "File Manager" and "Browser" appropriately. When glancing, you don't have time to associate icons to meanings as the words will be much more applicable. Definitely I believe this suggestion should be taken up with KDE. - Feb 07 2004

Utilities by trueg 227 comments

Not true, there is direct device support for such a function and Nero Burning ROM can make use of this feature. It just so happens to be one of the most popular/requested features for Nero Burning ROM and it would be nice to see it in an open source program. I haven't been able to mix down tracks this way since my days in windows. - Jan 08 2004

Utilities by trueg 227 comments

I am beginning to sound like a broken record requesting this feature, but is there anyone else out there who thinks that "crossfade" would be a good feature? I once made a CD where the tracks blended together and people loved it! And it was fun, a very personal touch. Perhaps if you like the idea, you can make some noise about it. - Jan 07 2004
Jimmac cursor theme

Cursors by kejpi 30 comments

This icon set goes great with the Breeze theme for mozilla. Very similar low-color type type. Definitly pair those two up and check it out! - Jun 10 2003
Okay, I know this is a heated debate, but I do like the xterm cursor that is square and has the reddot line in the middle. Perhaps you could have xterm and xterm2 and then the user can choose which one to use. Just don't get rid of the square xterm cursor, I like it! I know that hand in many kits has hand1 and hand2, perhaps this could be the same. - Feb 13 2003
Good news is that in galeon2, most of the cursors work as they are supposed to (according to XFree). This means in galeon2 you get the hand, the crosshair and the resize images. The only icon which is being stubborn is the question_arrow. Not sure about this.

Hey, KDE guys are pretty damn cool about adding stuff. Just keep filing those bug reports and they will add it. Overall it looks like gnome2 is more up to speed on this though. - Feb 06 2003
Noia for KDE 1.00

Icon Sub-Sets by Carlitus 258 comments

You asked for any comments before you take this set to the final stages. Everyone who I show the set to loves it except for the mozilla icon. Everyone says it looks like a frog and I have to agree. Besides, people at mozilla are pretty heated about the lizard being red and you changed it to green. I sort of like the icon from the crystal set and I don't think there would be any crime in adding it to your set too. - Feb 05 2003
Sorry, correction, I guess I was refering to the redglass which is a default theme in X. Is there any reason why when (for instance) mozilla is loading a page it does not use the icon from the installed set and instead uses the fallback theme? - Feb 05 2003
First of all, I want say that I am nobody to criticize this artwork because I could never do anything of the sorts (without many hours of discovery). So THANK YOU!

That being said, the cursor that shows up when a web-browser is loading a page, the read one with the little watch, seems very blurry. The rest of the icons are very "sharp" and look like steel with some red glow, but that particular arrow just looks weak. What if the loading arrow is just the default with a darker, sharper watch. - Feb 05 2003
iKons 0.6 for KDE2/3

Icon Sub-Sets by kborrey 177 comments

These icons are truly amazing! I think they should be integrated in KDE3 and you should be sent to Hawaii for a reward! Well, maybe life isn't that easy, but you sure give us something nice to look at in the mean the way... ROCKS...keep it up guys, I'm comin' back again and again! - Jan 14 2002