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Michael O'Rourke Los Angeles, United States of America
TextDateTime Screenlet

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Aug 10 2009
The day and date are "Shoguns Clan" and the time is "Weltron Urban". - Oct 02 2009
I'm very new to screenlets, so I don't know if I can provide much insight into your situation. I've run TextDateTime successfully within Compiz and Metacity, with and without compositing.

Are you using Screenlets 0.1.2? Does TextDateTime print any errors to ~/.xsession-errors or ~/.config/Screenlets/TextDateTimeScreenlet.log ? - Aug 21 2009
It's called "The Battle Continuez". :) - Aug 08 2009
The calligraphic fonts in that screenshot are Zapfino Linotype Three and Zapfino Linotype Four, both available at . The weekday (%A) and date (%e %B %Y) are just positioned very close to each other, and right-aligned to keep them looking consistent as the text changes from day to day.

I'm glad you like the screenlet, I'm happy to finally share it with other people. :) - Jul 30 2009
Cairo Menu

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Jan 02 2011
Would I be correct in assuming that a Gnome theme that uses the Gnome colors and icons is way more complicated than the Kde/iPhone themes? 'Cause Cairo Menu is sticking out like a sore thumb over here.

It is snappy, though.

I'd like to make a feature request: after the menu closes and isn't interacted with for 5-10 seconds, I think it should revert to the "Favourites" panel the next time it opens. Not having a consistent starting point is rather jarring. - Aug 05 2009
Clock Ring Screenlet

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Mar 13 2009
Gruppler, thanks very much for the hour-ring fix and the additional features! This clock looks great on my desktops and it's fun to read. - Jun 02 2009
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Jul 31 2009
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Jul 30 2009
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Jun 02 2009