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Monsieur Pec Cergy, France
dust scrollbarsmod

GTK2 Themes by lupo74 12 comments

Ya Gnome-panel is nice too.
Wanna know where i can get it.

Great job, congrats ! - Sep 26 2008

GTK2 Themes by AlexR1 38 comments

I like your theme, congratulations.
What is the name of the font your using please ? - Aug 13 2008

Nautilus Scripts by stephZ 3 comments

Please remove one of th "http://" from the URL.

- Aug 12 2008

GTK2 Themes by jecovier 79 comments

i like it, but i don't the theme you're using.

where could i find it ?

have a great day - Aug 09 2008
ELGL v0.2

GTK2 Themes by ELGL 2 comments

I like these colors themes.
Light grey, and light blue looks great.

- Jul 30 2008
Ghost in the Shell - misc svg vector art

Various Gnome Stuff by H3g3m0n 4 comments

it may be cool to use this work to skin gnome notify pop ups no ?
i amn't skilled to do this job, but i'm going to look. - Jun 12 2008
wallpaper debian

Wallpapers Debian by blacksad 3 comments

to my mind debian logo had to be placed on background, cause of lighting on model. Debian logo don't suite her chick.
- Feb 25 2008