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Feb 03 2009
Type in Terminal:
gedit $HOME/.themes/Moomex-Ultimatum/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

Comment or remove this line:
gtk-tooltip-timeout = 9000 - Aug 09 2009
Yeah, I am having the same problem in Fedora 10. The weird thing is I don't have this bug in Ubuntu.
Anyway, I know where the bug is but I don't know how to fix it yet. - Feb 03 2009
I'm sorry, you're right. The theme was updated and should fix your problem.

P.S. the KDE Panel Style certainly needs improvements. I will work on that for the next release. - Feb 03 2009
Can you post more details on your problem or maybe a screenshot?

Anyway, to change to kde panel style type in terminal:

gedit $HOME/.themes/Moomex-Ultimatum/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

Replace "Panel/GtkRC/3" with "Panel/GtkRC/2"

This should work without any problems. I don't see a reason to post another package while the change is only one number - Feb 02 2009
This theme has partial support for XFCE.
It works perfectly on Gnome. - Jan 13 2009
Reduced Metacity or titlebar hieght. Improved Scrolbar so it can adopt the color scheme.

Some changes are mentioned in the description. - Jan 13 2009
Try this one:
mv $HOME/.themes/Moomex-Ultimatum/*.css $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/chrome
- Jan 13 2009
1- Download and install this theme.
2- Increase the panel size to 48 pixel.
3- Download and install this icon set
4 - Change the panel color via gnome-theme-manager - Aug 30 2008
Type in Terminal:
mv $HOME/.themes/Moomex-Ultimatum/*.css $HOME/.mozilla/firefox-3.0/*.default/chrome

Type in Terminal:
mv $HOME/.themes/Moomex-Ultimatum/*.css $HOME/.mozilla/firefox/*.default/chrome - Jul 09 2008
The 3rd screenshot is a mock up, for demonstration purposes. - Jul 08 2008
I don't really get your question. but if you wanna change the background, try change the Windows color. Otherwise, you may have an older version of the theme. - Jul 08 2008
I used gimp to replace tooltip with
"Panel & Menu Item" just for illustration purpose.

The Tooltip background is used to change the color of the panel and menu item.

I'm pretty sure the theme works fine in Hardy. - Jul 08 2008
Thanks, these kinda comments that make me improve the theme and include even more features.

P.S. I love your Elementary Icons. - Jul 08 2008
You don't need to install any extra package.

You can change the panel color by changing the tooltip background.

BTW, what distro are you running? (This may be a bug) - Jul 08 2008
BTW, Icons artwork are credited to saki, and creators of Human, Tango, Tangerine and UbuntuStudio icons. - Jul 08 2008
Nothing is new, I just updated the page to include the icon-set download link because lots of people asked for it.
- Jul 08 2008
You cab download the icon-set from the link below: - Jul 08 2008
Sorry, I'm too lazy to write a tutorial right now.

If you give me your email, I will send you the icon-set right away. - Jul 04 2008
It's a collection from tango, tangerine, Human and nuoveXT. I don't think it's appropriate to upload it here since I didn't make these icons.

I can send it to your email if you want to .. - Jul 03 2008
Sorry, I thought that was due to the poor quality of the screenshot and the font you are using. (I need to see an eye doctor)

I will try to fix it in the next release.

Thanks again - May 03 2008
To set menu transparency, launch CompizConfig Setting Manager, select the General Options tile and navigate to the Opacity Settings tab.
Expand the Window Opacities section and click the Add button.
A small dialog window will open and prompt for window specification and the desired opacity.

In the Opacity Windows text field, you have to input a pipe-separated list of window types to which you want to apply the transparency.
I use the following string:

Tooltip | Menu | PopupMenu | DropdownMenu

P.S. I presume you have compizconfig-settings-manager already installed - May 03 2008
Use compiz-fusion

for more info

I hope this is helpful

P.S. Sorry for the late reply - May 03 2008

I don't see any bug in the screenshot !!!

P.S. I'm really thankful for your comments and feedback - May 03 2008
You can use any image editor to remove the gray line in the panel.

The panel background is located in

The colors used in the 1st screenshot is the default ones.

I dont remebber the color scheme for the 2nd one. - Apr 23 2008
I know that there are lots of bugs in OOo, Firefox, Thunderbird, ect

These apps are not gtk-based, and therefore fixing these bugs will introduce even more bugs.

I am tryinor find a workg to fix these bugs once at a time without creating a new bug.

P.S. Sorry for the late reply. - Apr 23 2008
That's weird. I'm using ubuntu gutsy and I've never encountered this problem. - Apr 03 2008
I will fix that.

Thanks for your feedback. - Mar 27 2008
The font is UnDotum, it's included by default in ubuntu.
- Mar 27 2008
Thanks for your comment.

This transparent pixmaps thing turns out a pain in the neck when using Firefox-3.0.

Firefox developers will have to do twice as much work to fix these bugs. - Mar 26 2008

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Jul 04 2008
It's an image file and is located in $HOME/.themes/Moomex-Ultimatum/gtk-2.0/Pixmaps

The fie name is 'handle-v.png'

P.S. Sorry for the late reply - Feb 08 2009
you can absolutely change that using Gnome Theme Manager. Change the input boxes Background and Text colors to match your needs - Feb 03 2009
I think you can change the background and font colors for these three writer using gnome theme manager. If not I will update the package soon but no promises on Open Office since it is not a GTK app and it's very buggy when it comes to dark themes. - Feb 02 2009
This is a known bug. The close, maximize and minimize buttons must have the same width (due to some limitation of mtacity). However, the close button is supposed to be wider, as a result the maximize buttons are affected.

I know this not professional, but I will find a better way to resolve this bug.

Thanks for your feedback - Jan 14 2009
What ditro are you using?
anyway, I will try to fix this bug in the next release - Jan 13 2009
I think this bug is more related to thunderbird than this theme since thunderbird is NOT a GTK app. Anyway, If you see a similar theme that doesn't have this bug, let me know. I will try to figure out what is wrong with my theme - Jan 13 2009
Avio-GDM - Jan 13 2009
Thanks for reporting this bug.

I will update this theme soon, with lots of bug fixes and new features. - Sep 06 2008
Sorry for the late reply

Can you show me a screenshot of your problem!!

Does this problem occur with other themes? - Sep 04 2008
This is a known bug due to metacity has some limitations (Button must be the same size). However, I will try to fix this in the next releases.

P.S, Moomex-Beryl shows how the metacity theme should look like. - Jul 18 2008
This theme is for Gnome. It's not yet compatible with XFCE. You should have no problem using it on ubuntu. - Jul 13 2008
I'm really glad you like it - Jul 03 2008
The icon set is Oxygen, you can get it from ubuntu repository or type in terminal:

sudo apt-get install kde-icons-oxygen

I'm using google gadgets not screenlets, you can download it from - Jul 03 2008
No, i don't think so.

Unless the developer of murrine releases his new RGBA capable engine. Then, I will base my theme on murrine engine. - Jul 03 2008
You need to have compiz enabled in order to have the transparency and the window border effect.

The new release(0.7) have black menubar by default. (the black color can be changed though) - Jul 03 2008
Thanks for your bug report.

I will try to fix, but no promise since firefox is not a GTK app. - May 19 2008
The only workaround to set up the panel size automatically is to make it no less than 33 pixels. To change the panel size with less than the optimum size you have to edit the gtkrc file. Type in Terminal:
gedit $HOME/.themes/Moomex/gtk-2.0/gtkrc

Comment this line under style "panel-moomex"
GtkWidget::focus_padding = 7 - May 19 2008
Moomex Ultimatum

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Jan 13 2009
I'm aware of that. I will think of a better way to fix this bug.

P.S. Thanks for your feedback - Jan 24 2009
that's not the perfect way to do it. it actually introduces another bug that makes the drop down button white, which suppose to be dark.

- Jan 23 2009
Oops, my mistake. I did a quick update to include userChrome.css and userContent.css.

thanks for appointing that.
- Jan 23 2009
I included OpenOffice fixes... - Jul 03 2008