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Wallpapers Kubuntu
Wallpapers Ubuntu
Cg Screwdriver

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Feb 09 2006
Looks nice. Gotta love the HDR rendering in Mental Ray :) - Feb 09 2006
Kubuntu Gray-Matter (Multi Style)

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Jan 13 2006
I released one of the 1920x1200 versions and will upload the other style later tonight. I also updated the inner logo geometry with even more polys so I plan on re-rendering the 1600x1200 images as the edges look even better now. =) - Jan 12 2006
I decided to do more renders with higher res models as suggested. I hope everyone likes the new update. I tried to keep the style 1 render as much like the original style as possible. Let me know what everyone thinks. Comments are always appriciated. =) - Jan 11 2006
I do have the command line running directly on the desktop. :) You need to be using Eterm and devilspie to make it entirely transparent. You can check this link out here for more info on how to do this: - Jan 11 2006
Ubuntu Glass

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Feb 09 2007
I just wanted to say thanks for all the great comments. I have uploaded a few more versions today. Let me know what ye-all think. I am always up for suggestions. - Nov 26 2005
I actually found the scene file I was looking for. I just uploaded the new "clean" image that looks more like the original render. I will mess around with a transparent version and see if I can obtain the same quality. - Nov 21 2005
So I posted a second image without the text. I saved over the first image scene file on accident (oops), so I had to start over with some of the settings. I plan on tweaking the color and camera angle a bit to match the first image a bit more. Let me know what you think. - Nov 20 2005
Sure... - Nov 20 2005