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Edd Hazell , St Vincent/Grenadines

Full Icon Themes by jcubic 157 comments

I just love your themes keep up the good work.. - Dec 26 2010
Hi-Tek Conky

Conky by mucas 9 comments

I tried that but a lot of things is not lining up. Will try again and let you know the outcome. - Nov 19 2010
Hi-Tek Conky

Conky by mucas 9 comments

very nice i just put it on my netbook and i just love it the only thing is its too big for my display. If i change the image file size will it work for me?

Thanks again - Nov 18 2010
Colored Raindrops

Compiz Themes by kemo 2 comments

Could you please tell me how you get kiba-dock installed am using ubuntu hardy. i love it but no luck in getting it to work...

Thanks again - Oct 20 2008
9   Nov 18 2010