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Marc Ulfig 31224 Peine, Germany
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sorry for late answering.

I am currently working on your request.
Until know i have rewritten a lot of code. The main problem for HDTV is, that i don't have any HDTV device at home. So i can not test the settings.
Your XVID request is working.
The next release will follow in a few days.
Marc - Oct 28 2011
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in this version (0.0.4) it is not possible to convert to HDTV formats.

And i don't understand what do you mean.
Why do you installed libavcodec-unstipped?

In opinion it had nothing to do with the failure when installing MEDIAINFO (not found) message you posted above.

What have you done? Please explain it for me step by step.

Marc - Jul 22 2009
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Hi joplass,

thanks for writing,

can you send me the output of an console message?

Please type in "which mediainfo"
It should be something like "/usr/bin/mediainfo"

But i can tell you an little workaround for instlling.

Open with Gedit an change in line 160 PKG_CHECK=$? to PKG_CHECK=0

The installation should finish now.

Marc - Jul 21 2009
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i send you a mail from inside

Please be so kind and send me the informations.

To what do you want to convert to?
What kind is the source file?
- Feb 27 2009
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They are in the same folder you selected the source files. Naming is for example for converting to DVD: DVD_PAL_filename.mpg

Hope that will help
- Feb 27 2009
Hi walloo13,

thanks a lot for your help and you fast responce.

After updating the screenlets main program to version 0.1.2 everything works fine now. In Synaptic (i use Ubuntu 8.04) was an very old Version.

No problems with your Watermark Screenlet.
I can say: i love it. Great work.

MOU - Aug 11 2008

first of all: It's a great screenlet - i love it.

But there is a Bug that is not very nice.

I use two TFT in twinview-mode (NVIDIA). I have placed all watermark (Clock, CPU, 4xHDD, System-Info, GPU and HDD temp) on the right TFT. It ist sonthing about pixel 2390.

And everytime when i start the computer all watermark-screenlets are placed on the right border of the left (the main) TFT.
Except the System-Info. This one is placed at the diffined place on the right border of the right TFT.

I have tried to set the config-files only readable. No effect.

Is there any solution for that bug?

MOU - Aug 06 2008