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Thomas Leahy Endicott, United States of America
Xtreme Yin-yang

Wallpaper Other by spayder26 2 comments

This is my laptops's new background!

Nice design. - Oct 01 2009
Ubuntu GRUB Splash

GRUB Themes by MrMacman2u 2 comments

Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for commenting! I always love feedback! - Oct 01 2009
Gnome Places

Conky by hernejj 2 comments

Dude! Great work! Much better than the original IHMO fixed a number of "irks".

I had a feature request, but I totally can't remember it atm. I'll post later if I do. - Apr 03 2009
The choice to be free

Wallpaper Other
by Marqeaux

Jul 12 2010
Apr 01 2009
Apr 01 2009