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Motasim Motasim Sakallah Warren, United States of America
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Karamba & Superkaramba by smihael 1 comment

Thanks. I saw a few Kicker applet alternatives but they seem to be outdated and not maintained. I found a few bugs though...

1. When configuring the theme, choosing "Input Box Frame Color" does not bring up a dialog like the other options.

2. When a dialog does pop up, clicking "Cancel" gives an error that the right color combo was not selected instead of just canceling.

Other than it's good, but I would like to see an option to resize the search box (it's currently too small for phrases and long words and requires scrolling). - Dec 25 2006
Kubuntu Edgy Eft (Glass)

Wallpapers Kubuntu by inckie 17 comments

One of the best Kubuntu backgrounds (and wallpapers in general) I've ever seen. They should really consider your art for the official distribution. If they haven't contacted you, please contact them! Hope to see more great stuff from you for Feisty! - Dec 25 2006

Network by tmichel 188 comments

I'm trying to use kwlan instead of Network Manager to see how I like it, but I can't connect using my wireless network. First of all the scan function doesn't find the network. I tried to manually create the connection / profile, but it keeps telling me it's in the incorrect format. I tried both hex (without any dashes / spaces) and a passphrase, but neither one will take. Am I doing something wrong? - Oct 12 2006

System Software by katakombi 68 comments

I hope it or something like it to configure touchpads will be in Edgy. I just upgraded to Edgy on my laptop, and now ksynaptics won't run. It doesn't show up in the redesigned System Settings layout so I can only get to it using kcontrol. My System Tray icon is still there, but when I try to configure the properties it gives me the error "Shared Memory is not accessible". I've already tried adding the "UseShm" "true" option to xorg.conf as was suggested but it didn't make a difference. - Sep 11 2006

Dolphin Service Menus by prjanique 305 comments

I'm having the same exact problem. Images are mountable using terminal, but mounting using MountISO gives me an error that the image or data is corrupted. - Sep 08 2006

Karamba & Superkaramba by darius 49 comments

First of all thanks for this. It's great to be able to read comics on my desktop :) One option I'd like to see is the ability to choose how you want to align the edge of the comics window (left or right aligned). As it is right now, the window is left-aligned only, meaning it expands to the right based on the size of the comic. I'd like to see an option that lets you choose how you want it aligned, so if you would like to put it along the right edge of your Desktop, I can choose right-aligned and it would expand to the left (and vice versa). Aside from that and others' suggestions, this is great. Keep up the good work! - Aug 19 2006
KDE open/save dialogs for Mozilla

Various Stuff by djworld 14 comments

First of all thanks for this. It's not 100%, but it is a better "hack" than adding "FILEPICKER_CONTRACTID" to the file because this method uses the native kdialog. However, I was very disappointed, when I clicked on the options dropdown, that "Show Preview (F11)" was grayed out. I was very excited when I first saw this because I thought I'd finally be able to preview pics before uploading (like you can in Konqueror), but the option is grayed out. Any reason why, or how to enable it? - Aug 12 2006

Screensavers by tvb-xxx 130 comments

Thanks for the suggestion, but that's the first thing I checked. I can assure you the drivers are up to date, as all other OpenGL screensavers and games (including Doom3) run without a hitch. - Jun 26 2006

Screensavers by tvb-xxx 130 comments

I'm also having problems with this screensaver. I compiled / installed it and it shows up, but even during the preview (in the little window when selecting screensavers) it makes CPU usage spike to ~80-90%. This usually happens within 1-2 seconds of starting it. And yes 3D rendering is enabled, as all other OpenGL screensavers work perfectly fine. Anybody have any suggestions? - Jun 21 2006
New Plastikfox Nuvola

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by motodashi 2 comments

Thanks for updating this theme! It's been long overdue. However there's one small problem that I run into with a lot of themes...the Google Toolbar's search box is too small and the text is cut off halfway down - you can only see the top half of the words unless you click in the box and drag down to highlight the text and scroll within the box. If this can be resolved it'd be great. - Jun 20 2006