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Michael Schuerig

Plasma 4 Extensions by fpuelz 813 comments

First and foremost PublicTransport is great. I'd like to make a few suggestions that would make it even more useful for me.

* I'm using PT on a Notebook which, by its nature, is not always close to the same stop. Being able to choose from several location presets would be nice. Ideally, the KDE infrastructure would supply information about the current location.

* I'm not just interested in one stop, but several. Two public transport stops near to where I live and two train stations a bit further.

* Remember the layout. On my system, by default, the list view is too short and columns are cramped to the point of truncating their content. Dragging the list to a bigger size is easy, whereas uncramping the columns is rather tricky. After I've done it, I'd really like PT to remember it.

* Most of the time I don't need to know anything about any departures. Therefore there's really no need to download the data (and increase the load on the provider). Consequently, I'm only updating data manually. As downloads are pretty quick, it would probably be fast enough to do an update when the user clicks the icon. - Apr 30 2010

Utilities by oisch 139 comments

The speed improvement with version 0.3 is really great. Thanks!

And a suggestion. It would be nice, if kompos - Aug 01 2004

Utilities by oisch 139 comments

I think this app is really cool, but unfortunately, it is too slow on my system. With 11 windows on 2 desktops it takes about 5 seconds to display the overview.

I have a P4/2.4 GHz so that should not be a bottleneck, but my graphics adapter is a wimpy ATI Xpert whatever.

"Passive Screenshots" and "Create screenshots whenever possible" are both enabled.

Michael - Jul 21 2004

Database by salvaste 42 comments

Please consider cataloging meta data provided by kfile plugins. There are plugins for MP3/ID3, OGG, various image types and KFind can search for meta data already.

Michael - May 06 2004