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M Singh , United States of America

Is it possible to change the location of global defaults (like the texmf.cnf file) using the pdflatex command-line as :

export TEXMFCNF=/path/to/new/texmf; pdflatex


It does not appear to work.

I have some plots (using pgfplots) that have a lot of points, and I need to change the tex defaults for myself. - Dec 08 2008
I would like to point out that by working piece of code I mean code that has previously (sometimes as recently as 10 minutes ago) worked in ktikz. - Dec 08 2008
First of all - thanks for making this software. You do not know how much time you have saved me.

I am using version 0.7 (which does not crash any more). However, I keep getting cryptic "[LaTeX] Error : run failed" type messages.

The maddening thing is that these errors appear to crop up with a previous working piece of tikz code. I am using \write18 (shell escape feature) as I need to use pgfplots (using gnuplot).

Since I cannot appear to reproduce these errors in any predictable fashion and this appears to be independent of which working piece of code I have, is there some way for me to run ktikz in some sort of debug mode ?

The same code executes perfectly when compiled from my latex editor (which is kile).

My platform is Ubuntu Hardy. - Dec 08 2008