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Scott Severance

GTK2 Themes by perfectska04 663 comments

Hey, thanks for the laugh. It's hilarious when people get all bent out of shape over nothing.

In case you didn't understand it, my comments were intended to be helpful. I don't have time to fix the script up myself, but I did have time to point up a few things that need changing. If it were my own script, I would find such criticism helpful.

Of course, Windows has absolutely nothing to do with this discussion, so I don't know why you brought it up. And also, the fact that the author is providing something for free is irrelevant. You probably wouldn't be able to use Gnome at all if it weren't for the people who filed bug reports pointing out defects in software that's given away free. Since there's no bug tracker for this theme as far as I know, the comments are the only way to report a problem.

Again, thanks for overreacting. It's been fun. - Dec 19 2008

GTK2 Themes by perfectska04 663 comments

The colorizeme install script is buggy and shouldn't be used as it currently exists.

For one thing, it mucks about making system-wide changes, instead of using the per-user directories that are available for everything but GDM themes. Some of the changes are hidden and non-reversible (such as modifying GDM and gconf settings without making backups, and deleting icons from the Gnome theme). If I run a script to install a theme, I expect it to only do stuff that will apply as long as that theme is selected. If I change the theme for any reason, 100% of the changes made should be reversed--without having to run a separate program.

Also, the script has a number of problems which suggest the author doesn't really know what he/she is doing, and thus could harbor many undetected bugs. For one thing, the script is 1,078 lines long. Considering what the script does, 100-200 lines should be more than enough. A long script is tiring to review, and it shows signs of extensive copy-and-pasting (which means that any errors fixed in one place aren't necessarily fixed in another). Any copy-and-paste work should be assumed to be buggy, because it's so difficult to prove otherwise. Especially since the code also isn't indented properly. The DRY (don't repeat yourself) principle is badly needed here.

This script also badly misuses sudo. For starters, it calls gksudo ... echo. Three times in a row. There's not much point in echoing a single space as root. And there's no sane reason to do it three times. I'm assuming the author used this to keep sudo from prompting for a password later in the program. But that reasoning won't necessarily work. If the user has configured sudo to always ask for a password, or if the downloads take longer than the password timeout (possibly due to user configuration of sudo), then sudo will prompt for a password. If the user launched the script as instructed, then there will be no terminal window, and the user will conclude that the program is broken (which is true), because sudo won't be able to prompt when it needs to. The ideal solution here is to make a single sudo call that does everything. One possibility would be to put everything that requires root privileges in a separate script and run that script with sudo. Another thing: The script normally calls sudo -S. The -S switch causes sudo to read the password from stdin. However, since nothing is provided on stdin, this is at best unnecessary. At worst, it could prevent sudo from prompting for a password if it has to, thus breaking the script.

Another bug: This script assumes that no one would ever name a directory ~/ColorizeMe, thus at the beginning of the script it unconditionally deletes such a directory and all its contents if it exists. If the user happens to have valuable data in a directory of that name, too bad. I hope they have a backup. Temporary files belong in /tmp. If you insist on putting temp files somewhere else, be absolutely sure you don't cause data loss, because causing data loss is unforgivable.

This script should install stuff under /usr/local, not /usr.

Finally, there are several sleep statements which only waste time. They don't accomplish anything. - Dec 15 2008
RastaGrrl GDM

GDM Themes by dieideeistgut 18 comments

The point of the GDM theme manager is to be able to drag and drop themes. So if a theme is in a format that the GDM manager doesn't support, then the theme is broken. No one should have to muck about in the filesystem in order to install a theme--though that should, of course, remain an option.

In addition, the ZIP format was designed for the fileystems in use with Microsoft OSes. It doesn't support several *nix features. Since GDM is designed for *nix, GDM themes should use the native *nix archive format: tar. - Jul 10 2007
MacOS Classic Sound Pack

System Sounds by sagefire 30 comments

The link is broken. Please remove. - Jan 12 2007

GDM Themes by luc3ro 4 comments

Great theme, but there's a bug. The text "Please enter your password" is too high and partially obscurred.

Changing y="70" to y="80" on line 32 of theme.xml fixes this. - Jan 12 2007
RastaGrrl GDM

GDM Themes by dieideeistgut 18 comments

This theme is in the ZIP format. However, drag and drop installation only works for tar.gz and tar.bz2 files. - Jan 12 2007