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Video Players by eean 278 comments

"To easily force Codeine to be a single instance app. Change the KApplication to KUniqueApplication in main.cpp."

the compiler complained about type mismatch when i make that change ..can you look into this sometime within this decade? ..i will try to copy and paste code from kaffeine and see if i can make it work(to me, this will be like cutting and pasting chinese text from one paragraph to another but will be fun)

- Mar 16 2007
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Video Players by eean 278 comments

wow, that was quick, i didnt expect a response ths quick, if any at all.

hope you dont mind few more suggestions :-)

1. have an extra option to have the window in minimal mode when right clicking the playing video window(like kaffeine). it could say something like toggle to minimal mode(if its off) and toogle to normal mode(if on) ..

2.when you drag and grop an mp3 file, it will play it with a blank windows. i read on your code that you plan to bring up a warning msg with saying something about the file not having video in it. Wouldn't it be nicer it it could just play a file with a visualization something showing on the screen like most players?

bugs i have found.

1. when exiting full screen, the status bar always reappears

2.when you click to open a new file and the click cancel(changed my mind about playing a new file) on the open file dialog box, codeine brings an error msgbox with something like "codeine was asked to play and empty file, it cant do this:

thats for your time, great work - Mar 16 2007
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Video Players by eean 278 comments

sorry if what i am going to say is already said, i have gone through couple of pages to see if its already address and i havent found anything and my eyes are starting to hurt.

i think codeine would be best(for me atleasy) if it had the following

1. ability to reuse the opened windows, if an instance of codeine is running and i click another video file, another instance will show up and i will have two of them. two ways around this is to open a new video from within codeine or to drag and drop it would have been nice to just double click a video and have it opened in an already running instant.

2. an option to hide the right bar that asks about resizing the windows, it is very distracting and hard to ignore.

3. an ability to change aspect ratios from right clicking a video windows instead of going to the menus

4. have a way to clear or delete entries in the receant played videos ..i looked at the code and i found a way to hide "my private video collections" from the list but its cumbersome to rename files to hide them from codeine.

I noticed that codeine doesnt have a configuration settings of its own, why not of you dont mind?

it would be nice it had one that will all me to specify default options to:

1. start all my videos with a specific aspect ratio( i always watch my video with 16:9 ratio and its tedious to change it with every video)

2. make codeine reuse an already running instance if a video file is clicked from konqueror for example or opening another instant like it is now.

3. always hide that bar about resizing windows. i always run codeine with the same window dimensions and i really do not want to be asked this question every time.

i managed to hack the code to change most of what i have said but i have so far failed to make codeine reuse the already running instant when double clicking another file from konq. any pointers ..i am sure its just 10-15 lines of code but i have no idea how to do that - Mar 15 2007
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Video Apps by juergenk 179 comments

it would have been nice if there was a way to hide the bar on the left side ..

anybody know or a hacked version without the bar? - Mar 09 2007