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Aug 14 2006
found these but forgot to put them in the list for you.

drive-cdrom.svg -> /home/andrew/Desktop/tango-modern/scalable/devices/media-cdrom.svg
gnome-dev-cdrom.svg -> /home/andrew/Desktop/tango-modern/scalable/devices/media-cdrom.svg
unofficial icon set with fixed CD-ROM

use at your own risk. but i promise all i done was fix the broken links. - Jun 07 2006
ls -l ~/.icons/tango-noir-0.6/scalable/actions | grep andrew

gives me these broken links. i fixed mine. but some users are not so lucky. they are beautiful icons.

gtk-apply.svg -> /home/andrew/Desktop/tango-modern/scalable/actions/dialog-apply.svg
gtk-close.svg -> /home/andrew/Desktop/tango-modern/scalable/actions/dialog-close.svg
gtk-no.svg -> /home/andrew/Desktop/tango-modern/scalable/actions/dialog-cancel.svg
gtk-ok.svg -> /home/andrew/Desktop/tango-modern/scalable/actions/dialog-apply.svg
gtk-quit.svg -> /home/andrew/Desktop/tango-modern/scalable/actions/dialog-close.svg
gtk-yes.svg -> /home/andrew/Desktop/tango-modern/scalable/actions/dialog-apply.svg - May 25 2006