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Paul Murphy

Icon Sub-Sets by dave 245 comments

Hi all

Is there a way to force load the icons rather than using the control center ~ look n feel module. Im using mandrake 9.0 & kde3.0 and the icons just wont load for me.

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- Mar 13 2003

Icon Sub-Sets by bxian 26 comments

Hi all

Im a newbie to linux but so far really enjoying it. Its put the excitment back into computers for me.

Im using Mandrake 9.0 and have being playing around with the look and feel of kde. Its all gone well untill now. I dont seem to be able to add icons. Here's what happens

download tar file to my home dir. I leave the file as is (.tar), open control center/look n feel/icons ~ click on the small folder icon ~ find tar file ~ click ok ~ click install theme ~ click apply and nothing happens. The screen flickers but no new icon option appears.

Anyone have any ideas? I've tried a few different icon types now and the same happens in all of them.

Thanks for you help

Computer are like air conditioners
Once you openWwindows they're useless - Mar 13 2003

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by WhitePanther5000 14 comments


first of all let me say I'm a complete newbie and up to my neck in water :)

I've got mandrake 9.0 installed and so far all is going fine. However i am having some trouble compiling the window decoration. Can someone please tell me where mandrake installs kde?

Thanks in advance all - Mar 12 2003