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Per Eidversson
4Elements 2.0

Wallpaper Other by jaymejunior 2 comments

really nice, clean wallpaper

thank you jaymejunior

any chance you could tell what font you used for the elements please. thx - Oct 22 2006
Amarok Video Player

Amarok 1.x Scripts by Bono 6 comments

Such a simple yet useful script. Many thanks Bono.
Just one request if I may; I am using amarok 1.4.3, this allows me to stream podcast m4v thru the playlist window (right-hand side). However, if I pre-download m4v amarok will not allow me to place it in the playlist window ("some media could not be loaded, not playable") and therefore I cannot right-click to select the script.
Is there any way you can amend the script to allow it to run (context menu) from the left-hand side podcast list rather than the right-hand side playlist window. That would be really useful.

Thanks - Sep 05 2006