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rivierrakid ric , United Kingdom

Wallpaper Other by hekcik 2 comments

how cute are those two - Feb 13 2007
Chopwell Woods Oak with Acorn

Wallpaper Other by munkiepoo 3 comments

I know its not a wild flower, it was in the same series of photographs.. and I was being lazy :p

But the mighty Oak is well worth its own title.. so changed. - Oct 28 2006

Audio Extractors/Converters by HessiJames 608 comments

Just thought I'd say thanks for creating this app. I use amaroK alot and soundKonverter compliments it very nicely, esp. the replay gain tool and service menu.

In future will soundKonverter be able to copy over tag information? This is a minor annoyance as a mate keeps giving me m4a files, which I convert to mp3 and musicbrainz doesnt recognise them.

Thanks - Jan 29 2006