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Vincent Murasam√© Paris, France

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Feb 20 2011
Well... Well done ! Never seen that one before ! Matteroffactly, I'll upload this weekend a new version of Munics rather more based on the new default ubuntu GTK2 engine. I fear it won't be compatible with a few systems but it is rather faster (not pixmap based) and I expect a lot of feedback from the community to address most of the system-related issues... We'll see... - Apr 22 2009
I expect all my themes to work natively on ubuntu 8.10 as the engines I use are already packaged in it as default engines.

Thank you for your appreciation. - Jan 09 2009
Well... You haven't missed anything ! In fact, I was quite busy moving houses and making a lot of changes on a personal level. Additionally, I didn't have internet for nearly 2 months... Well, About theming, I'm trying to understand how engines are evolving and how one can come up with decently new designs as well as compatible on most linux distros... - Jan 04 2009
Done ! - Apr 22 2008
Thank you !

You're actually right ! I've been thinking of doing it some day but I've been busy with the icon set !

I'll quickly fix this and post the updated archive by tonight ! - Apr 22 2008
I don't know what you mean, could you be more specific ? - Apr 19 2008
Thank you !

Apparently, not too many seem to agree... I only get an apauling 48% good... Which is ok as I like it and glad a couple of people also do !
- Apr 18 2008
Salut Jip ! Quoi de neuf ??? - Apr 18 2008
No Cvs here. I've got 3 computers running gnome 2.20 (ubunut 8.04, Archlinux, Debian Sid) and I'm just using the regular clearlooks and pixmap engines.

I'm suprised it doesn't work... what are you using ? - Apr 18 2008
Human 2 Remixed

GTK2 Themes 14 comments

by Gosh
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Nov 25 2008
Ya otchin' liubliu ! - Dec 18 2008
Jilian Whiteswan

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Oct 02 2008
Well, you're actually right ! I designed it on a laptop (colours look somehow not as agressive) and the first time I saw it on a normal screen, I was a bit errrr... sorry for not testing it first on this type of media.

I'll think of a rework and try to improve the visual effect to make it less agressive. - Oct 03 2008
Shining adaptive Orb - elephant

Wallpaper Other 3 comments

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Nov 09 2007
It's just a matter of adding some transparency to the whole picture.

MAtter of factly, the glowing ball in the middle has a progressive transparent gradient. Not much in fact... - May 20 2008

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Jul 02 2013
Does it ? I guess I'll give it a try ! - May 20 2008
Many thanks for your nice comment !

If you're talking of the wallpaper used for the screenshots, it's actually included in the theme's GTK2 directory !

Enjoy ! - May 08 2008
Sorry for my late answer ! I really mean to thank you as not many people even bother leaving a comment (I know that's the way it goes but still...)

THANK YOU ! - May 07 2008
Merci ! - Mar 11 2008
Niacara iconset

Icon Sub-Sets 9 comments

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May 16 2008
Thank you !
- May 16 2008
Thanks man ! well... before keeping adding stuff randomly, i think i'll polish mytwo iconsets a bit until i've come to rank them as flawless for my personal use.

But it's always nice to think somebody, somewhere likes using the theme on his computer... - Mar 12 2008
firectory ? errr not sure i even know who /what they are... i'm missing a clue :)

Thank you for commenting anyway ! - Mar 11 2008
well, thank you for leaving a comment and please let me now of a good brown-ish theme you'dlike to have a perfect match icon-wise in terms of colors. i'd definitely be curious to see something somewhat more off the main stream !

What theme do you use ? - Mar 11 2008
Dark seed 2

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Jan 20 2012
First, thank you for your comments.

I am a bit surprised about the issues you describe. As a matter of fact, I've downloaded epiphany and checkedin the preference dialogs of both epiphany and theme appearence and tabs are displaying correctly on my gnome 2.20.

Could you be kind enough to take a snaphot and pm it to me so that I can see what exactly happens on your desktop and then I may have a chance to fix it. - May 06 2008
Thank you for your comment and thank you for pointing out the border outline issue.

I've corrected it now. It was NOT intended in the first place but I did not even notice it even after a week of testing ! Man, you've got an hawk's eye ! - May 03 2008

Full Icon Themes 8 comments

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Feb 20 2011
Ok... In the making ! I'll pm you for testing... - May 03 2008
Why not ! I'd gladly design one matching your favorite gtk theme if you provide me with the colour scheme you'd want to be used.

I only need 2 or 3 colours in hexadecimal notation. Does it sound fair ? - May 03 2008
Thank you ! - May 03 2008
Shining Black

Full Icon Themes 26 comments

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Mar 09 2008
Ok ! That'll be in the next update ! - Apr 27 2008
Ok ! Now that you mention awn, Isee what you mean ! I've uploaded version 1.1 added up the requested icons. Hope you like it ! - Mar 07 2008
I think I'll soon add a few emblems as they're (to me) the best way to customize each folder according to what you want them to be (e.g: download folder, image folder...) - Mar 07 2008
Ok ! Opera is on the way. What do you mean 'nautilus' ? I never seen it as an icon in the apps section ? - Mar 07 2008
Well... I don't know what to say... Quite strange indeed !

Where did you install the theme ? In home/user/.icons/ or in /usr/share/icons/ ?

I know it shouldn't make a difference but I really can't see why it's not working for you.

I'm still looking though. Anybody having the same problem ? - Mar 07 2008
Ok ! I'll add these icon in the next release (expect it by tonight).

What do you mean 'open office' doesn't work' ?

I haven' designed any icons for open office yet...

I use ubuntu hardy / gnome and my open ofice works just fine... - Mar 07 2008
I'm trying to fix this but I don't understand why it wouldn't work. I'll try to check file permission or add another symlink. I'll keep you informed ! - Mar 07 2008
Well, I'll test the iconset in KDE tonight... naming issue I guess... - Mar 06 2008
I'm downloading Gnome's language support in Spanish... I'll try and figure out what you mean and I'll let you know ! - Mar 06 2008
First, thank you ! Fair enough, liferea and are popular enough to be included in the next shipment !

What about the 'My PC' icon ? I'm afraid I can't see what you mean... You most definitely don't mean 'my computer' as it is already included...

Do you use gnome ? KDE ? Xfc ? - Mar 06 2008
Well... I meant 'sort you out !!!' - I'll leave the sorting up to whoever may feel like it... - Mar 06 2008
I feel honoured ! Again, should anyone miss a specific icon, just mention it and I'll sort you up ! - Mar 06 2008
thank you ! - Mar 06 2008
Green lemon 2

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Apr 18 2008
Cool !

By th way, I've registerd an account at your home website, looks great ! - Apr 14 2008
Well, on the one hand I think you're right when it comes to think of a theme on a large scale. Most users would rather go for a grey/slightly bluish interface (which is the most commonly used color for desktop themes). On the other hand, I've found out a few users (including me) won't feel any eye fatigue using a slightly shinier color. Matteroffactly I always try out my themes for over a week before publishing as I've often ended up NOT liking some of my earlier themes only after a couple of days for the very same reason you've mentioned!). As a conclusion, I reckon we don't have an eyefatigue issue here BUT I'd tend to think it sure is a question of taste, which would be perfectly understandable as I must honestly admit this choice of colour doesn't quite meet the most common standards. - Apr 12 2008
BlueSpace II

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Apr 14 2008
I found a couple of annoying text color issues like light grey on white background (eg: nautilus left panel).

Apart from that, I must admit it is quite some work (although a bit too vista-ish to my own taste), well done though ! - Apr 12 2008
Green lemon murrina

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Nov 27 2007
To be honest, I've tried quite a few colours in my gtk themes and honestly, I wouldn't really know what you'd go for.

Just tell me in which colour(s) you'd like to see this one adapted and I'll post you a link for testing !

Is that ok ? - Feb 29 2008
Shining Murrine

GTK2 Themes 6 comments

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Jan 09 2012
GREAT !!! Thank you ! Un abrazo hombre !!! - Feb 23 2008
What's your wallpaper No Persona ? And what about your icon theme ? I really like them ! - Feb 22 2008
A better solution:

remove or comment the following lines:

style "silver-menubar" = "silver-default"
# bg[NORMAL] = "#f0f0f0"
bg_pixmap[NORMAL] = "menubar.png"

and toward the end of the file:

class "*MenuBar*" style "silver-menubar" - Feb 22 2008
Shining Silver (Metapackage)

GTK2 Themes 10 comments

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Jan 09 2012
Well I suppose the murrine engine is only good to a point. Its main problem/asset is precisely its being graphically too 'murrine'... you get bored of it...

But it's a good thing it actually exists as it give people the opportunity to have a choice and learn from what has been achieved so far. I'm sure clearlooks/ubuntulooks/murrine will 'merge' in a way or another at some point. - Feb 10 2008

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Jan 19 2008
Thanks Mike ! - Jan 19 2008
Well, it's about the way the gtk widgets & classes have to be handled.

Unfortunately, if you choose to have some pixart to polish the panels' look, you'll end up having panels/widgets issues like the one you describe.

The only solution (as far as I know) would be to remove the relevant lines in the gtkrc file.

In our case, that would be 2 lines referring to the panel style.
- Jan 19 2008
Bluesy - Multiple engines

GTK2 Themes 11 comments

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Jan 17 2008
Many thanks ! I love compliments ! They give me a enormous sense of well being ! - Jan 18 2008