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Amit Parameshwar Jaipur, India
GTK3 Themes

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Feb 17 2020
It was just meant for testing. If you liked it will also release it in the upcoming versions. - May 09 2019
Will be working on it soon!
- May 09 2019
No problem! Will work on that.
- Feb 03 2019
The first one is a warning, it will be handled automatically.
Not sure about the second one though. - Feb 03 2019
Which application was that? - Feb 03 2019
Will try! - Feb 02 2019
Thanks!!! Could you raise an issue in the given Github link. Or write to me directly at - Nov 08 2018
They will be worked upon soon - Oct 11 2018
Thank you @rohitgghali.
The above mentioned issues will be fixed in the upcoming updates!

- Sep 02 2018
@byteSamurai I personally consider them as not so useful visual elements. And it still had its impact. However, I will consider the changes in the future updates. Thanks for your valuable feedback!

PEACE! - Aug 10 2018
Thanks @alcomposer for your valuable feedback. Macterial is still in development phase and there's more to come!

PEACE! - Aug 06 2018
You don't need blyr for transparent terminal.
You can manually enable transparency by right-clicking on the terminal and select preferences, and then go to colors and enable the transparency check-box. You can even change the color scheme from it.

Hope your issue is solved.
PEACE! - Aug 02 2018
Thanks @happy wheels!!!!
- Aug 02 2018
Sans Regular font size 9 - Jul 25 2018
@sowrensen, the extensions are
1. Blyr
Apply effect to [Activities Screen]
Blur Intensity [29.9]
Activities BG brightness [0.80]

2. Dash to panel
Panel size [48]
App Icon Margin [8]
App Icon Padding [4]

3. Dynamic panel transparency
Enable custom opacity
Maximized Opacity [85]
Unmaximized Opacity [0]
Enable custom panel color
Panel Color [#141414]
Remove excess panel styling
Hide corners - Jul 21 2018
Thank you MirceaMx!
I am using GNOME shell. I have used some extensions to customise the look further. If you want I can tell you those extensions with the settings.

PEACE! - Jul 20 2018
XONE Catalina Night

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May 17 2020
+ - Jul 19 2018
XONE Catalina Night

Gnome Shell Themes
by unc926

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Jul 19 2018
XONE Catalina Night

Gnome Shell Themes
by unc926

Score 87.2%
9   Jul 19 2018