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Ryan Cuda Phoenix, United States of America
OSX icon theme port

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Jan 27 2012
Gnome 2 Global Menu applet. - Dec 16 2012
Negative ghost rider... There is nothing illegal about installing OSX and other Apple software regardless of how much Apple would like you to think so. It is only a violation on Apple's End User License Agreement (EULA). Installing Apple software on non Apple hardware is a violation of license terms, but doing so carries absoluetly no legal implications nor will it result in any punitive measures.
That being said, >>SELLING<< a non Apple branded computer with OSX on it is in fact illegal. well... once again, it's technically not "illegal" but it is a violation of Apple's EULA whereby one incurs a capital gain that represents a loss to Apple Inc. Case in point, Psystar Computers. Psystar's claim is that they have not broken any laws (which they technically haven't) and merely bypassed the software limitations of OSX by emulating EFI on non EFI based systems. And of course Apple's lawyers have buried them in an onslaught of lawsuits, but there is still not a clear definition as to whether a hackintosh is truly illegal. And until a case goes to the supreme court such a determination will not be made. And Apple only wishes they were that important. - Feb 08 2012
That theme in particular is what prompted me to create a proper portage of the OSX icon set. It is NOT complete, nor is it proper. It contains a dozens icons from Vista/Windows 7, Nuovext, Oxygen and a few others. Where the creators of Macbuntu applied artistic license to fill in the gaps on their icon set (eg; the Firefox icon), I have stuck with strict adherence to the Apple interface.
The one and only notable place that I deviated from the icons from OSX are Inkscape and Gimp which as noted in the readme I will later include a script to switch between the stock icons and the Adobe CS5 styled ones I added.
Also, the monochromatic indicators are incorrect. Macbuntu uses the mono icons from Faenza. Mine are literally pixel perfect copies imported to vector (svg).
The Macbuntu theme is what I would call "Mac Like" whereas mine aims to be a true one-for-one port of the OSX icon theme to Linux. My icon set is far from complete at the moment. - Jan 28 2012
I'm not making money off of selling their icons, and Linux is not now nor will it ever be a direct replacement for OSX. I fail to see what relevance trademark has to do with it since I'm not using it in any commercial or industrial capacity. If anything, it's free advertising and product placement for Apple. So until the lawyers from Cupertino, CA come beating down my door with a cease and desist order I'm not going change anything. I converted the icons from my Mac to something usable in the Linux partition on the same computer. Even if I get told to remove my icon set from here, it's available other places on the web as well and I'm going to continue to use this icon set until I get bored of it anyway.
If you really have an issue with my icon set why don't you go complain to all the people who ported the Windows Icon themes, or the other creators of Mac icon themes? - Jan 27 2012
KDE Elementary Mono Icons

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Nov 21 2011
The semester is drawing to a close, the kids are on Thanksgiving break and I finally had some free time to devote to this project. The mono-dark icon set is a reality now! I posted the messaging, network, printer, audio, battery and USB icons. The hardest part of porting the icon set is actually getting the battery, audio and network icons done, so the rest should move pretty quickly. Let me know what you all think! - Nov 21 2011
Glad you like them. I noticed a strange quirk with PNG handling transparency slightly differently than svg - Nov 18 2011
I just added some png icons for clementine. Contrary to what I thought, clementine does not support the svg icons in the plasma theme. It relys on the KDE icon theme.

I have ones for Pithos the GTK Pandora app, but to use them you have to replace all the stock Pithos icons. - Nov 18 2011
I'm glad you like them. No offense to you but the ktorrent icon I kept confusing with the network icon. Then I had the idea to make the "K" with the down arrow. The printer applet icon is loosely based on the Faenza icon, but pretty drastically changed. My icon is wider and shorter, and the lines are all much thinner in order to look cohesive with the elementary theme. I think they both are nice additions to the theme. - Nov 18 2011
might be waiting til after the end of the semester. I haven't had much time to work on this lately. Between the icons I ported from Dan Rabbit's Elementary theme and the ones that Mcder has ported, at least the dark monochrome icons are nearly a complete set. I simply haven't had much time to invest in the light monochrome set yet
- Nov 12 2011
Yeah I finally figured it out last night. I googled 'device.svgz' and eventually found some documentation on it. Works just fine now. Posting an update soon
- Sep 24 2011
I posted the updated theme a little bit ago. Hey mcder, how did you get the USB device icon to work? I've been trying to get it to work but so far it has been nothing but trouble. - Sep 24 2011
Thanks! I have updates to this theme. If I get some free time ill try to post it today. The way I have it set up now it looks more complete. Once I finish everything ill try packaging as a deb - Sep 23 2011
Icon Tasks deb build

Plasma 4 Extensions 6 comments

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Nov 13 2011
That is the PPA that I mentioned spits out apt errors for me. Hence the reason I built the package myself. - Nov 13 2011
Icon Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions 642 comments

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Nov 10 2011
strange, when I used apt-file on the errors, it mentioned libphonon-dev and libplasma5-dev but didn't direct me to the dbus stuff. I assumed that the dbus files were installed with those packages. Thanks, compiling now! - Nov 13 2011
I've tried a hundred times to build this thing. when I run cmake it spits out the following errors
CMake Error at /usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindPackageHandleStandardArgs.cmake:198 (MESSAGE):
Could NOT find DBusMenuQt (missing: DBUSMENUQT_LIBRARIES
Call Stack (most recent call first):
/usr/share/kde4/apps/cmake/modules/FindDBusMenuQt.cmake:90 (find_package_handle_standard_args)
CMakeLists.txt:24 (find_package)

I've used apt-file to check the dependencies, which include paraview libvtk5-dev libphonon-dev libcgal-dev kdelibs5-dev among others. I have all of the dependencies installed so why is cmake failing?

When I try adding the ppa:gnumdk/ppa I just get apt errors. what is going on here? - Nov 12 2011

Plasma Themes 210 comments

by mcder
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Apr 10 2020
I'm currently porting the white Elementary icons. It will probably be a little while before they're done though (busy with school) As soon as I finish them I'll post them on here and people can feel free to add them to their plasma themes - Sep 28 2011
Monochrome Tray Icons

Icon Sub-Sets 43 comments

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Dec 30 2010
check out my icon set. I'm porting elementary mono icons to kde. - Sep 23 2011