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Nick Shaman , Russian Federation
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Sure, you can. I did it this way too, but my way was as different as this:

make dir $HOME/bin or something like this (I made /home/combine/bin/)
put imageshack_upload into this directory
edit file imageshack3.descktop. you have to change strings
Exec=konsole -e "imageshack_upload" --imageshack --kdialog %F
replace "imageshack_upload" with full path to file ("/home/combine/bin/imageshack_upload")

You may also try to add that new `bin` directory to $PATH variable instead of editing *desktop file, I think, it should work too. You can get it by adding string like `PATH="$PATH:$HOME/bin"` into your ~/.profile file - Sep 29 2009
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Dolphin Service Menus by Blavkaste 20 comments

I've already sent a message to author about some improvements that I had add in script.

Now it can upload multiple files at a time (when you select multiple files, right click on them and choose "Upload ...", script will upload all files in a kind of batch and display links to them in one window)

I hope, author will accept my changes.

While waiting, you may try package from here: - Dec 29 2008
Playlist to any format (foobar2000 tagz)

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Really, why? - Aug 28 2008