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Aurorae Themes 26 comments

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Apr 09 2020
hi! using Freeze for my plasma theme, would like to use it for window manager as well - is it possible to get a transparent background like you have in the image for the decoration? that was something I've wanted to get functioning since the compiz days. - Aug 22 2017

Browser 63 comments

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Apr 22 2015
you cannot select a site itself and tag it, only the individual news items. - Jan 29 2013
labels only work on single news items.

for host sites your application only permits starring.

- Jan 16 2013
thanks for the update. good to see someone within qt circles is still working on aggregation.

if I could make a request, would it be possible for tags to apply to feeds as well as single posts

or alternatively allow loading all subscriptions in a parent folder in the middle pane?

- Jan 15 2013