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Michael Russell
Quantum Liquid Baghira

KDE 3 Color Schemes by quantumstate 6 comments

It's my truth as well, quantumstate. I've used Red Hat 9, Fedora Core and SuSE 9.1, before finally settling on Debian GNU/Linux. While Red Hat, Fedora and SuSE were very stable indeed compared to Windoze, they were still a bit flaky. They typically include 'bleeding edge' packages and their dependency handling is sometimes dubious, frequently leading to a broken desktop. This is why I kept migrating from distro to distro, until I found Debian. Its rigorous approach to stability together with the joys of apt-get, mean that it *never* breaks in the way that Mandrake, Red Hat or SuSE do, and it's far more flexible in its functionality. I've heard similar things about Gentoo, though having to compile everything from source scared me off. ;-) - Jul 20 2004
OpenOffice.org1.1 toolbar icon themes

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by kol 130 comments

I get the same problem - unrecoverable error. What am I doing wrong? - Jul 18 2004