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Utilities by smileaf 34 comments

I think I might have a solution to the Kicker problem (and it doesn't involve actually kicking something/someone).

Open up ~/.kde/share/autostart in Konqueror and create a link to an application ("Edit" > "Create New" > "Link to Application"). A dialog box will appear.

In the "General" tab, type in "kicker" (without quotes, of course) as the name of the application link. Next, select the "Application" tab. Type "kicker" into the "Name" and "Command" text fields. When you are done, click the "OK" button, and you will have a link to the Kicker in your autostart folder.

Test this by logging out and in again. It has worked so far for me, and it sure beats having to manually invoke kicker. - May 07 2007