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Maxim Doucet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 116 comments

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Jul 01 2007
Sorry, I've just read that you were allready planning to deliver all-query's-answers in the next release!

I've been fooled by the strange date sorting of the website!

Keep up the good dev' ;) - May 24 2006
Katapult is definitely a great extension, especially with the catalogs (plugins allowing to use katapult for other things than launching a program. For exemple : as a calc or to search a song through your Amarok's music database ;) )
Though I have one question : is it possible, when you are typing a query, to change the catalog which is being used?

Here's what happens to me : I'm typing the name of a band I'd like to listen to but the band's name also exists in my bookmarks.
Because the "bookmark" catalog is before "amarok" catalog, Katapult finds the entry in the bookmarks, not in Amarok.
Are you planning to let user browse through different plugins? For example by typing the "up" or "down" key on the keyboard. It will give the ability to see all different actions associated with the query.

In all cases, "bravo" for your app, this is a great piece of software! - May 24 2006