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Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 39 comments

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Dec 15 2006
Don't know, it looks as though basket doesn't use the kicker background to display its systray icon. It may come from the ability to show the current basket icon in the systray. To achieve that feature, the developer has probably used a QPixmap and thus lost the transparency of the basket icon.

It usually is automatically well displayed but it you modify the transparency of the icon, then you'll have to manager kicker's background yourself...

It's only a suggestion, I may have wrong diagnosed. - Dec 08 2006

System Software 1026 comments

by Sho
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Mar 28 2018
I'll try to do so... However I can't promise anything (human memory is still perfectible)... So may I not be the only one to remember of it... - Jan 07 2006
it's arial (yes, MS fonts...) with a slight subpixel antialias and a macos like shadow. - Nov 05 2005
I take note, but 2.7.2 should also have been as the 2.7.* since I didn't change anything about it for a while... - Oct 18 2005
which different versions ? - Oct 16 2005
hm, hm... actually everything is possible, the amount of time to realize it currently seems just to gigantic to be an achievable goal... But i'll think of it, promised. - Oct 15 2005
that's no bug... completely normal - Oct 15 2005
Sorry, i've been stupid : the name of the shell variable seems to be $DCOP_YAKUAKE_SESSION and not $DCOP_YAKUAKE_KONSOLE... - Oct 15 2005

that should answer your first wish... about the wheel, i'll follow your advice :) - Oct 15 2005
If you read the other posts, you'd have noticed other people have made the request... I'll answer the same as usual : yakuake is based on the konsole kpart provided by the kde developpers, it is then limited by the kpart abilities. I can't yet provide copy/paste ability since it's not possible using the kpart widget (neither kate, nor kdevelop provide it for the very same reason).

another thing is that you just can't use CTRL+C/V shortcuts with any console since CTRL shortcuts are blocked by the shell (for signals : SIG_INT, SIG_TERM...)

I can however say that paste ability will be soon available (I've found a trick to provide it, so are the dcops functionalties)... but wait a little bit, so that I have the time to write the source code... - Oct 09 2005
Lots of people ask me that functionality but I have a problem : wouldn't it be usable ? indeed, I don't think I could tolerate a window that would switch on everytime I move my mouse on top of the screen so as to move a window or access to the properties of a maximized window... or even while watching a film...

However if you can convince me those fears aren't real I'll be glad to add that feature to the next releases... - Oct 09 2005
for that type of transparency you only have to use a konsole predefined schema... right click in the konsole part and change your color schema... - Oct 09 2005
For skins I've just added a tiny manual in the skins directory... you can furthermore post your skins on kde-look if you want (choose your categorie ;)... - Oct 05 2005
It will be possible via dcop calls... - Oct 05 2005
Give me a list of features (shortcuts don't tell me much of them ;-)) I'll see what I can do... but I don't promise anything :-) - Oct 05 2005
I'll also change the directory name as you requested... - Oct 04 2005
Sorry, I always forget... I promise the further version will be version updated ;-) - Oct 04 2005
That bug is patched... I'll release a 2.4.1 release as soon as possible, thanks for patience ;-) - Oct 03 2005
After having studied your patch, I chose not to insert it since it disables an important behavior : yakuake is no more aware of the real workarea borders... your patch replace them with the screen borders which are not the same... - Oct 02 2005
All those options are already available :
-> Alt + Up : create a console
-> Alt + Down : deletes the current console
-> Alt + Right : next console
-> Alt + Left : previous console - Oct 02 2005
After a few tests, I found out the application crashes if it doesn't find the files listed in the skin file. In your case, the bug happens because of 'plus_up.png' which isn't located where it should be... However, I can't explain why... but it may explain why it worked after a second installation... - Oct 02 2005
Try the new release... It works for me... - Oct 01 2005
Thanks... I'll put it in the further versions ! - Sep 27 2005
Sorry, I realize I deleted the description part in the header... If you want information about kuake-like apps, search for kuake on - Sep 27 2005
I absolutely do not know how to perfom this... I don't use xinerama myself so I can't even try... however if you have an idea, feel free to tell me, I'll see what I can do... - Sep 27 2005
If you don't use locale and yakuake crashes about it, try removing the i18n function from the code :

i18n("blablabla") => "blablabla" - Sep 27 2005
I can't solve that bug since it doesn't append on my system... nor on my friend's. - Sep 27 2005
All the features you ask seem to be alreafy possible : the configuration of the yakuake console doesn't impact the konsole properties : you can hide the scrollbar and save it as default properties without risk, etc... - Sep 27 2005
About tabs, I'm seriously thinking about integrating that feature...

But about your theme request, I can't do anything for you : I've made the interface skinnable so you should think of creating your personnal skin (or modifying the existing one)... - Sep 27 2005
you can modify ~/.kde/share/config/yakuakerc... however I can't see how your titlebar can disappear... It shouldn't be possible. - Sep 26 2005
It should work... test the new 2.11 version and tell me... - Sep 26 2005
Shame on me... I disabled an instruction while performing tests and forgot to reenable it afterwards... just wait a minute or two I upload another archive... - Sep 26 2005
A friend of mine has made me understand that this functionality was not required and could further more be damagable to yakuake usability...

However if some of you really want that functionality to be implemented I'll provide it in the next release. - Sep 25 2005
Unless you prove me the contrary, it seems the konsole kpart doesn't support that shortcut (neither kate, not kdevelop have been able to use it)...

But if you have an idea, I'll be glad to insert it into yakuake. - Sep 25 2005
it seems to be a very annoying problem however, I haven't been able to reproduce it... - Sep 24 2005
I personaly prefer "screen" (see it, it's a wonderful app)... but why not in a further release. - Sep 24 2005
I don't understand your bug... could you provide more information about it ? - Sep 24 2005
I'll investigate and provide a new release if I find the source of that bug... - Sep 24 2005
I'll see what I can do for multitabs konsole... don't worry ;-)

About the idea of ljubomir about changing konsole when you switch to another desktop, I'll probably implement it soon (if I find out how ;) and provide it as an option.

About showing the konsole when the cursor is at the top of the screen, I absolutely do not know how to do so... So if someone has the slightest idea about it... tell me ;-)

thanks - Sep 18 2005
I'll think about it... - Sep 17 2005
the QtStyle is called Clear (provided by Linspire) with a personal color theme and a walpaper that can be found in the SVG section of kde-look :) - Sep 17 2005
the archive I posted may not be the last I tared... I'll update it asap... sorry... the old key was "²", it should work - Sep 16 2005
press F12 - Sep 16 2005
Well, you see, when your aren't pleased by a soft but you think the idea is fine, you rebuild it so as to match your wishes... then you publish it since you think community is a good thing ;-)... That's what I did, I explained above my reasons to redo kuake...

About the 4 different version of kuake I can only say that some of them are dead, others don't match my views and work not as well as wished... maybe would it be time to asks the community which of them it prefers... - Sep 16 2005

Kopete Styles 49 comments

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Sep 18 2005
I also work under SUSE 9.3 with kde 3.4.2 from the repository and I have no problem at all... maybe is your configuration the source of your problems... - Sep 24 2005
Could you explain your mind ? I don't understand what you're speaking about... - Sep 24 2005
Send me your xsl file... I'll see what I can do... - Sep 24 2005
Thanks for the tip... since I do not have the above problem on my computer I can't really help solving that recurrent problem, however I you find the ultimate solution, tell us and I will insert it into the theme as soon as possible. - Sep 18 2005
it's planned (see the description) however, I won't work on it until the current version is graphically complete ;) - Sep 11 2005
This problem is rather frequent and I truthfully can't explain why it happens in some systems and not in others... however a 'bad' solution is to slightly modify the source code of the style : at the 24th line of the file replace by the complete path to the 'data' directory... if anybody knows why it happens sometimes and how to prevent that bug, tell me ;-) - Sep 10 2005