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alex alex Pompano Beach, United States of America
Crystal Project

Full Icon Themes by everaldo 127 comments

Same. - Oct 05 2007
Die Hard 4.0 - Matthew Farrel's theme (E

Beryl/Emerald Themes by DARKGuy 59 comments

The download doesn't work. - Sep 22 2007

GTK2 Themes by Zinn 14 comments

Nice theme. Can you post your font setup? - Sep 22 2007
Celena Splash

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by dcosner 1 comment

Was wondering if you could make an arch one (same request from the gdm theme) - Sep 08 2007

GDM Themes by dcosner 5 comments

Think you could make one for archlinux? (Just replacing the moto/icon/distro name). I really love the theme, but would love it for archlinux. - Sep 08 2007
UbuntuStudio GDM

GDM Themes by wedderburn 8 comments

I'd like the same. - Jun 22 2007
Debian Orange GDM Theme

KDM3 Themes by OnkelchenTobi 5 comments

How about a KDM theme and a non debian version of it? I really love the look, but I don't use debian, and would rather not have it's name there.

Thanks. - Apr 22 2007

GDM Themes by Shagbag 3 comments

Thanks. My resolution is 1280x800, so it's perfect. - Mar 29 2007

GDM Themes by Shagbag 3 comments

Could you make this into a wallpaper? I really enjoy the theme, but I'd like it as wallpaper. - Mar 28 2007

Screensavers by tvb-xxx 130 comments

I cleaned the ebuild up a little bit and added it to the Xeffects overlay - I'm sure you've heard of it. Hope you don't mind.

P.S. The screensaver doesn't seem to do anything for me? - Mar 13 2007

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

I notice when I paste, it doesn't keep the newlines.. It works fine pasting the same stuff into konsole, or any other terminal app, but yakuake removes all newlines. - Mar 13 2007

System Software by Sho 1027 comments

Any plan for true transparency? There's a patch for konsole on here somewhere for it, shouldn't be hard to port for yakuake I would think. - Mar 12 2007
Vistesque-Mod for Lipstik

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles by bonafide 120 comments

Can you post your font settings (I have candara). Also, what icon set are you using there. - Mar 12 2007

KDE 3 Color Schemes by LordDoc 4 comments

Can you please post a link to the emerald theme, how to get the clock to look like that, the kicker theme.. And lastly the font settings..

I really like your theme, and I just can't get it to look like it.

Thanks - Dec 31 2006
Sunset Bliss II

Wallpaper Other by kalphegor 4 comments

Can you please make a 1280x1024 size? - Feb 25 2006
Simple Elegance

GDM Themes by Fedorateur 14 comments

I haven't tried this but from your comment it makes it seem like it doesn't look good on 1280x1024.. Also is all that text really there or no? It looks horrible with that text.. - Jan 14 2006
Black Glass (Ubuntu)

Wallpaper Other by mopster24 4 comments

Maybe you could do it with some type of gentoo logo or just tux... I really like your work. - Jan 14 2006
SnowIsh Theme

GTK2 Themes by saki 11 comments

I keep getting the invalid file message from gnome when trying to install. - Dec 23 2005
nuoveXT-Firefox 2.0 theme

Firefox Themes by saki 30 comments

What is that dock on the bottom of your screenshot? - Dec 09 2005