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May 22 2014
thanks mederi. I could not get it to work. I would be happy to test it if you ever get a moment to do a prototype. Let me know. - 2 days ago
thanks mederi, It would be great to have those features built into the plug-in. Could you please let me know where I can find this "Mix playlists" and how to integrate this into this plug-in to get this working?

I have tried a serach but could not find "Mix playlists". - May 19 2020
With shuffle tracks ON and random position ON, 3 tracks and 3 samples per track, the playlist would be like this,


I am after

T3S1-T1S3-T2S2-T3S3-T1S1-T2S3-T3S2.......... - May 03 2020
thanks mederi for developing such a useful add-on. I have a question, is it possible to shuffle the items when "Samples per item" is more than 1.

say I have 10 files/tracks and I have "Samples per item" as 5
this would create 50 items
currently the 5 items in every file/track/sample are next to each other
I want items within the sample to be shuffled as well in the same way you shuffle the tracks/files

is this possible? - May 01 2020
10 the best - May 01 2020
Sampler PG

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by mederi

Score 78.3%
10   May 01 2020
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