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Jake  , United States

VLC Playlist Parsers 49 comments

Score 78.6%
Oct 17 2019
Thanks. Works fine. - Dec 20 2019
Followed instructions but not seeing this in 'playlist' or anywhere in the VLC app. Help. - Dec 19 2019
TuneIn Radio

VLC Internet Channels 67 comments

Score 76.4%
Jan 08 2018
OK, figured out how to login to TuneIn from So all my favorites from the TI app now appear in 'favorites.' So saving playlists appears to be just for the time VLC is open. - Dec 19 2019
"If you have an TuneIn user, you can modify the `tunein.lua` file in the __username__ and __password__ variables" Just where do you find the variables location? Thanks. I don't want to mess with Z.brown's method. Also, I save playlists and then they disappear when I close and open VLC. I've spent _hours_ on this plugin with no resolution. If I could login I may be able to save 'playlists' as it should be. Wish there was a forum to discuss these things! - Dec 19 2019