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nathan foster

Utilities by smileaf 34 comments

I installed the applet some weeks ago especially because of the option "Disable archive expanding", but this one has no effect here - still archives in the tree :-(
Also approached editing konqsidebar.rc manually.
Is this setting limited to special versions of KDE? (3.5.6/SuSE here)
And yes, i did restart KDE. - Apr 26 2007
Convert WMA to MP3-OGG

Dolphin Service Menus by zast 34 comments

even though the installation of the bin & servive files was successful and file permissions in the working dir are o.k.,
it doesn't seem to function here.
neither via right-click nor console.:-(

entered wmatomp3 ./01..
manually in console gives following output:
-aofile is deprecated. Use -ao pcm:file= instead.
Could not find "./01 - Mc Miker G. & D.J. Sven - Holiday rap.wav".
fortunately it hasn't deleted anything without converting before

my first thought was a problem with the input file name handling.
i also tried to set quotes around filenames with spaces inside.

thanks in advance for a hint
niko - Jun 29 2005