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System Sounds by nfsp 14 comments


Yes, kinper is in world-domination mode since it's now being developed as part of Oxygen's icon/cursor theme for KDE4. - Feb 27 2007
Txalaparta sounds

System Sounds by pabloantxonne 2 comments

I really like it.

Personally I'd add more layers, especially to the logon and logoff sounds. They are not very "full".

But I also understand that you are trying to maintain a cultural sound or expression.

bottom line: I like it, they are well made, no background noise, and they seem like the kind of sound that will take some time to get tierd of. - Feb 23 2007

System Sounds by nfsp 14 comments

Thanks for commenting.
They are long because I make stuff with lots of reverb to make them sound "bigger" and to create this instant feel of "real". If you turn the speakers up you can hear the sound beeing "alongated" as if the sound was produced in a really big room, there's no echo just this feeling of "vastness". If the speakers are low then it just seems the files are unecessarly long. :) - Feb 21 2007

System Sounds by nfsp 14 comments

Okay, just added the warning sound. Hope you like. :D

From what I gathered there is no clear way to add usb sounds to gnome. :S - Feb 20 2007

System Sounds by nfsp 14 comments

Kubuntu is overkill when it comes to sound. I was very impressed with the log on tune, but every thing that's "clickable", every message box, anything that moves on the screen has a sound. I'm surprised they didn't make a "hummmmmmm" sound for when the system is idle. :D

but I'm glad they invested on that, most distos don't care much about sound and have this "humpf" attitude towards it, they don't see it as a significant part of user experience. Like all things linux "it's a start", and if I can help in any way I'll be happy.

I noticed you registered on the same day you commented, that alone is a very big compliment. thank you. :) - Jan 30 2007

System Sounds by nfsp 14 comments

Thanks for the comment.

This is all software based synths, a USB main keyboard controller and that's it. so maybe I didn't noticed how Audacity converted the files to ogg (they were wav's originally) I implicitly trusted that it would keep the original bitrate. my bad.

thank you again for the input, I'll look into it. - Jan 29 2007
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Various Gnome Stuff by EnNe 5 comments

Can't wait to try it out. - Dec 23 2006