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Nico Coetzee
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KDE 3.5 Themes by freemail6 10 comments

I really enjoy this one.

Great work ! - Dec 16 2005
PG Calculator

Science by gridniew 45 comments

Ok - I fixed it. It seems that when you do the ./configure --prefix=... bit, the configure script only applies the prefix to the application executables, not the skins, unless there is another option I have missed. So, when I copied the skins from /usr/local/kde/share/apps/pgcalc2/skins/ to /usr/share/apps/pgcalc2/skins/ everything worked.

One other note - when I installed one of the custom skins, I again got a similar error message, but refering to a specific .bmp file. It turned out that the filename defined in the INI file was of a diffferent case, so renaming the file, or editing the INI file sorted that out. - Apr 22 2004
PG Calculator

Science by gridniew 45 comments

I have compiled (seemingly) succesful under RH9.0, but everytime I start the app I get the following error:

Error in file [default/skin.csk]!

I had a look at the INI file, but I can't see anything wrong except that a lot of the .bmp files mentioned is not included.

Any ideas?

Thanks - Apr 22 2004