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When you understand how to use it, it becomes very useful!
I created a playlist for every season of the show (let's say they are 10). Then, i created a bigger playlist which consists of those 10 playlists. I start watching the big playlist. I am at s01e01 for example, and i want to create an entry for this extension. So i go to View->Continues TV shows->Create files for new show->textbox: Friends->Create files. Now, i continue watching my show. Let's assume i am at s01e05 and i want to save my position and exit VLC. I pause the video, go to View and press Continues TV shows. Now i exit VLC. When i want to continue watching my show, i open VLC program, go to View->Continues TV shows->select show from list->Load show and voila! Show continues from s01e05!
Hope this will help! - Jul 02 2017
9   Jul 02 2017