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Thomas Riccardi
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Nautilus Scripts by Nait 116 comments

Thank you for the fix.

I didn't know there was a bugzilla elsewhere for this software, maybe you should add a link to it in the description. - May 30 2010
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Nautilus Scripts by Nait 116 comments

The uploader is broken for me for png generated by the gnome-screenshot (gnome-utils 2.28.1-1, debian testing).

How to reproduce:

I take a screenshot with gnome-screenshot, then save it as a png. 'file' on this png says it's a png.
I upload it with pyShare. I get "error". When printing the xml received from I get this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>

<error id="wrong_file_type">
Wrong file type detected for file Iceweasel.png:application/octet-stream


When I force type=image/png on the http post header, it doesn't solve the issue.

But if I upload the file manually on, then it all works well...

I don't understand where the issue is... maybe a bug on the api? - May 07 2010
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Nautilus Scripts by Nait 116 comments

Your script is really useful !

I've made two small improvements :

1/ I replaced the clipboard copy by a copy on the "primary" zone ( the one used with middle click and selected text). It works on more software (for example with emacs the clipboard can't be used).
It could be set as an option.

2/ I added buttons "Direct URL" along with the dropboxes : I usually only use the direct url, so it was a loss of time to search on the menu everytime.

The patch and the new version are here :

I hope it will be useful for someone. - May 16 2009